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Cute Names for a Pug

Portrait of a pug in a basket

Pugs are great companion dogs since they are tiny enough to snuggle on the couch and charming enough to make you giggle. They are well-known for their sweetness and little stature. Naming them accordingly might be difficult for most pet owners at times. Keep reading to know about some cute names for a pug and learn their meanings.

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Good Names for a Pug

Nothing beats the excitement of adding a new addition to your family, especially a puppy. The first step is to come up with a name so that you may begin training. There are usually dozens of Pug names to pick from, making it difficult to choose something you enjoy. To help you narrow down your search, here are some suitable names for your pug.


Hugo is the fourth most popular name for adorable Pug pups in 2023, according to the Kennel Club. It is a German name that means ‘mind’. Hugo is the name for a pug who is exceptionally smart and quickly knows what you want him/her to accomplish. Hugo is a nice name given to a pug that is exceptionally smart and responds quickly.

Pug on a pebble covered beach


Ava’s roots are unknown; however, some theories include German, Latin, Persian, and Hebrew. The name translates to “birdlike, vivacious.” Ava is the most popular girl’s name. If being with your tiny pug makes you feel alive, you can name him/her Ava. Pets are believed to raise one’s spirits, especially when depressed or abandoned. Spending time with your pet brings you back to life.


Bingo is an exclamation of surprise and, more often than not, happiness, such as when something goes well. If you adore dogs and have always wanted a pug as a companion, this is the name to choose for your new pet. That name is adorable and reflects your affection for your pug.

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Pug outdoors looking at bubbles


Amber is a hard yellowish to brownish transparent fossil resin that polishes well and is usually used to make beautiful things. If you like the color of your lovely little pug’s coat, you may give her the name Amber. It’s a good choice for pugs because of their distinctive coat. If you think your pug is exceptional and one-of-a-kind, start naming him or her Amber.


Bell isn’t a name, but it does conjure up images. You have a special bond with your animal pet, you may name your lovely little pug “Bell” You may also call him/her bell if a buddy has given you the pet to remind you of how you felt when you first saw him/her. Other options are also possible. You might call your pet Bell to attach a strange emotion to him/her.

Cute Names and Meanings for Pugs

Portrait of a black pug laid out flat

Pugs’ attractive appearance and playful idiosyncrasies make them the center of attention in many families. Choosing the right name for your animal pet is crucial. Pugs are a breed that deserves a name that reflects the adorable tiny features that make these dogs so dang cute.

When it comes to naming your little one, you want to make sure you pick a name that matches that distinct pug personality. You may even select a name that matches your personality and lifestyle. Here are some charming names for your pug, along with their meanings.


The “Rosie” was an allusion to the French name for a rose tree, according to Games and Songs of American Youngsters, published in 1883, and the children would dance and kneel to the person in the middle. If your pug is the focus of your attention and you want to invest all of your love and affection into the relationship, you can call it Rosie. Especially if you have a female pug, this is a great name to call her.

Person holding up a small pug puppy


Angel refers to anything pure, innocent, and endowed with the divine. Pets are believed to be kind and innocent. They convey their emotions. We call anything angel if we think it’s particularly lovely and attractive, according to popular belief. So, you may name your tiny pug angel if his/her ethereal innocence provides bliss to your heart and a grin to your face.


The meaning of the name Cleo is “glory of the parent” Cleo is a Christian who is extremely fortunate and blessed by God. If you are a pet owner who thinks that dogs bring you luck and blessings, this is the name you should give your tiny pug. Cleo is an excellent name for your fortunate pug, especially if he is your lucky charm.

Portrait of a pug outdoors with autumn leaves


The definition of a piper is someone who plays the pipe. If your lovely little pug enjoys playing hide and seek with you and always hides in the pipe and wants you to find them, name him or her Piper. Pets have their methods of expressing their affection for their owners, and playing with the pipe is one of them. Piper is a lovely name for a pug with a wrinkled face and a handsome physique.


Shortcake represents your pug’s diminutive size. If you have a new pet in the house, say a charming little pug, you will undoubtedly want to name your new buddy. A name that best matches his/her unique and lovable peculiarities. So, shortcake is a name for your cute baby pug who you adore.

Pug sitting on hardwood floors


Fair one, white and smooth, soft, joyful, and pure are the meanings of the name. If you enjoy dogs and have a charming little pug as a new buddy, name him/her Winnie if he/she has a white coat. Pugs are well-known for their distinctive coat and wrinkled face. As a result, Winnie is an excellent choice for your fair-coated, adorable little pug.

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