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Do Dalmatians Bark A Lot?

Dalmatian outdoors with head tilted back, barking.

It all depends on the situation. Dalmatians are not excessive barkers, but they are also not the quietest dog breed you can own. They will bark when it is necessary, and that is what you want from a good dog breed like the Dalmatian.

This may be a good thing when you live in an apartment. You do not want your dog barking at every noise your neighbors make. If they do, you will be put on the unfriend list very quickly.

Keeping the peace is very important, and Dalmatians help you keep that peace.

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Are Dalmatians Noisy?

The best thing to say about this situation is that they can be. They are not compulsive barkers like other dog breeds, but they do their fair share of warning you about what is happening around you.

Your Dalmatian will bark because it has been bred as a guard dog in the past and it is hard for them to give up that tendency to warn its owners about people nearby.

One reason that your Dalmatian may end up barking a lot is that they are bored. They have too much pent-up energy and need to get rid of it somehow. But do not get upset if your dog starts to bark more than usual.

Your dog may be trying to communicate with you that something is wrong with them. The sound of their bark may change due to the purpose of their barking.

For example, if your Dalmatian is sad, it may have more of a whimpering sound to its bark. If the bark sounds more like a purr, then he or she is telling you that it is angry.

Before you scold your Dalmatian for barking, make sure you understand why they are doing this activity and respond accordingly.

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Why Does My Dalmatian Bark So Much?

Dalmatian puppy on a red leash, barking.

While not the quietest dog breed and not the noisiest dog breed, your Dalmatian still has many reasons why it will bark. Here are some common reasons why all Dalmatians will bark:

  1. They See A Stranger Or A Strange Dog- The barking can be a warning to you or other people or dogs.
  2. He Or She Is Still A Guard Dog- They bark to warn you of any danger that is nearby.
  3. He Or She Is Excited- Dalmatians are not exempt from this emotion and use barking to tell you how she is feeling at that good moment.
  4. Someone Or Something Is Invading Their Territory- They may not like their territory invaded and will let the intruder know he or she is in the vicinity.
  5. Your Dalmatian Is Afraid- Sirens or loud noises can scare many dogs and if they do not howl, they will bark.
  6. Your Dog Is Bored- And this can happen when you are away at work. Dalmatians do not like being bored or not being exercised enough.
  7. It Is An Attention-Getting Device- Many dogs do this no matter the breed. They do not like being ignored, so they bark to get attention.
  8. He Or She Has Separation Anxiety- They do not like being away from their preferred owner and will let you know how they feel about the separation.
  9. He Or She May Have A Medical Problem- They are letting you know that they are not well and need help.

How Do I Get My Dalmatian To Stop Barking?

Portrait of a Dalmatian wearing a red collar outdoors

There are several options at your disposal. The following may or may not work with your specific pet, and you may need to seek other remedies.

1. Give Them Plenty Of Exercise Throughout The Day– Dalmatians need about 2 to 3 walks per day, every day. That is a lot of exercise to get rid of all their energy levels and make sure they are too tired to bark.

2. Stimulate Their Minds– Give them toys to play with or other activities that make them think a bit before they solve the puzzle. Hide treats and have your dog find them.

3. Ignore Him Or Her– If the barking is just for attention, then ignore them. The dog will get the idea and stop barking. Do not reward this behavior.

4. Get Professional Help– If all else fails, seek help from those who have experience in stopping dogs from barking. They will have a few tricks and tips to share with you that can be successful.

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Some Final Words

Dalmatian laying down on a bed

A barking dog is not a bad thing, as long as they do it for the right reasons. If they don’t, then your neighbors may get upset at you and force the issue. But not all dogs barking are doing it to be annoying.

Barking is their best communication device so do not assume they are just trying to get attention. Make sure you know the reason before acting on their noise.

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