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Do Dalmatians Shed a Lot?

Dalmatian laying on a grey couch

Yes, they do. However, their hair are so short and stiff that they may easily snag on carpet and furniture. Therefore, it might not be as obvious as in the case of dogs with thicker, woollier coats. Keep reading to know why Dalmatians shed a lot and learn how you can manage the shedding for this breed.

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Why Dalmatians Shed?

Generally, a Dalmatian’s coat is short and feels smooth, fine, and thick to the touch. Even though they have short hair, Dalmatians shed a lot. It is a natural process in which the new hair replace the dead hair of your pup. Dalmatians with black and brown markings are infamous for losing their fur all year round, rather than periodically. The following are some reasons that can cause Dalmatians to shed.

Seasonal Shedding

Portrait of a Dalmatian looking up through a dog wood tree

Some dogs shed periodically, such as in the spring and fall, while others (like Dalmatians) shed continuously all year long. Depending on where you live, the Dalmatian shed season might vary by about a month, running from January through May and then from July through December. What you feed your Dal may affect the state of his coat and his general health, which can affect how much he sheds.


Mange is a skin disorder that causes skin hardening and itching. It is caused by mites and will make your dog scratch a lot and lose hair in patches.

Skin Allergies

Portrait of a Dalmatian laying in a grass and weed covered field

Specific foods and chemicals can cause hair loss, skin reddening, itching, pimples, and hot spots in Dalmatians.

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If your dog repeatedly licks its skin, it might be suffering from acral lick dermatitis, which is caused by trauma and anxiety. It causes changes in the structure of the hair follicle, resulting in excessive hair loss.

How to Manage Shedding for Dalmatians?

Portrait of a Dalmatian on a teal background

The problem of dog shedding is one that many dog owners deal with. Every dog parent finds it challenging to deal with the extensive distribution of hair across the complete canine home. Some effective methods to minimize your Dalmatian’s shedding are discussed below.

Ensure Regular Brushing

By giving your Dalmatian a regular brush, you may get rid of any stray hair before it has a chance to get everywhere in your house. Additionally, brushing causes the flow of oils into the coat. These oils permeate the coat and keep it looking silky, smooth, and soft. That helps to reduce the amount of shedding over time.

Eliminate Skin Issues

Head portrait of a dalmation

That might be the reason for all the loose hairs in your home if you find that your Dalmatian has any skin issues, such as dandruff or rashes. Watch out for any clear indications of skin irritation and see a veterinarian if needed.

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Feed Quality Food

Dalmatian eating from a metal food bowl against a white background

The best diet for your Dalmatian should be high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids if you want to keep its coat in perfect shape. The coat quality can be significantly improved by adding a little amount of flaxseed oil to the Dalmatian’s dry chow once a day. You can also use omega-3 oil supplements or olive oil. Similarly, one beaten egg given to your dog every other day on alternate days helps reduce shedding and gives the coat, a tint of gloss.

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