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Funny Names for a Pug

Black pug laying on its back hugging a yellow rubber chicken.

Pugs are lovely canines with a lot of charm and guts. Their distinct appearance and amusing personality have garnered them thousands of followers throughout history. Pugs are naturally clownish, so you may be thinking if you can give them a humorous name. The beauty of naming a dog is that you may be as creative as you like. Keep reading to know about some funny names for a pug and learn their meanings.

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Funny Names and Meanings for Pugs

There’s nothing wrong with coming up with something unique with any of the amusing Pug names. If you enjoy making others laugh, avoid naming your dog a traditional name like Fido or Fluffy. Consider some of the unusual and funny pet names. Take some ideas from these pet owners that have come up with some names that would make lovely and humorous Pug names. People adore monikers. Dogs rapidly become members of the family, so it’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are seeking nicknames for their four-legged pets. Here are some amusing names for your pug from which to select.


Pug with tongue stuck out sleeping in a striped dog bed

It sounds funny because Peanut isn’t a real name. You sit on your couch and eat some peanuts while watching a movie. That is the case. It is amusing to call your mini pug Peanut to reflect its size. Pugs are adorable little animals, which is why the name Peanut fits your little pug’s nature.


The Greek word for lion is where the name Leo originates. It is frequently used as a lion character’s name in tales. When we mention Leo, everyone has an image of a big, powerful, and fierce monster in their head. How about a little pug that answers the phone when Leo calls and has a charming little face and body? This name is humorous and cute since it will undoubtedly make everyone chuckle. If your small pug is a puppy, you may give him the amusing name Leo.


Black pug with a yellow flower in its mouth

Candy is a confection made mostly of sugar, often known as sweets in British English and Lollies in Australian and New Zealand English. It may also be the name of a little, cute pug due to its small size and sweetness. The irony is that while you may eat candy, pugs are off-limits. To make matters better, you may play with your animal companion.


Godzilla is an ancient reptile monster that has been awoken and enhanced by nuclear radiation. It is also the name of a strong and frightening movie character. The irony of calling your pug Godzilla is that the pug is little, charming, intelligent, and lovable. When you call a little charming creature a name that is highly terrifying, aggressive, and gigantic, it undoubtedly sounds weird. So, if you’re searching for a unique name for your pug, Godzilla is the way to go.


Pug sitting at a table wearing a birthday party hat with cupcakes on the table.

Because a boss is someone you are terrified of, the boss is a strange name for a pug. You always agree to the boss’s requests since they suit your mood. Pugs, on the other hand, are the exact opposite because of their cute characteristics and sense of humor. Every time you feel down, they will cheer you up. Therefore, the boss is a strange name for your pug, especially if it’s a little one. When you call your pug boss, everyone will laugh.


Every single individual on the planet is like a cupcake. Because of their sweet flavor and attractive size, cupcakes are everyone’s favorite. The amusing parallel is that pugs are adored for the same reasons. That is why it’s a silly name for your adorable pug. If your pug is still a young puppy and can make you smile with his/her adorable gaits, then this is the name you should choose for your canine friend.

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Old pug sitting outdoors in front of orange flowers

A dumpling is a tiny quantity of dough cooked by boiling or steaming. Fruit-wrapped pastries are often baked as desserts. If something is spherical and squishy like a dumpling, it is referred to as a dumpling. especially: a little, chubby animal or human. This name is ideal if you have a pug that is petite and plump. The moniker “dumpling” also applies to pugs with light coats. So if you have one, give him or her the name dumpling. Your pet’s name is a cute way to express your affection for them.


Giant refers to an object that is exceedingly large in scale. There is nothing about your adorable little pug that would lead someone to refer to him or her as a giant, so it sounds hilarious when you do. Giant is the name you always choose for your adorable little pug if you’re a fun-loving pet owner who wants to be cheered up every time you call your pet.


A pug dressed as a mushroom outdoors in autumn leaves

A gadget is a little machine or equipment that performs a useful function. You might be wondering why you should name your pug Gadget. The gadget is a name for a pug who makes you happy when you spend quality time with him/her and is clever enough to comprehend your actions. That term sounds strange because it has traditionally been used to refer to a machine, but because of its small size and unusual utility, you may nickname your pug Gadget.


Biscuit is an unusual name for a small pug because biscuit is a type of food. However, if you have a pet who enjoys biscuits as much as you do your pug, name him/her a Biscuit. The pug is small in size and sweet due to his/her comical and lovable peculiarities, much like the biscuit is small, handful, and sugary. It sounds weird to call your pug Biscuit, but it’s also a fantastic choice.

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