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Girl Pug Names

Pug on a white background with her head tilted with a pink flower on her head while wearing pink glasses

Pugs are known for their wrinkled noses, short legs, and petite frames, yet many dog experts and owners still deem them to be among the cutest canines. Finding names for pugs may be challenging and enjoyable at the same time. You may utilize them to flaunt their adorably little, robust physique, enormous personalities, and compassionate qualities. Keep reading to know about some of the most popular girl pug names and learn their meanings.

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Names and Meanings for Girl Pugs

Pug wearing pink flowers and a tutu

Names that can be stated easily, clearly, and consistently by all members of the family are a wise choice. They shouldn’t be too long, no more than a couple of syllables. They should also not sound like any of the other instructions you want your Pug to learn later.

If you’re having difficulties making a choice, keep in mind that excellent Pug names may be inspired by various things, including your favorite cuisine, novels, celebrities, your background, or even the history of the dog breed. For instance, your puppy may be named after a goofy cartoon character like Scooby or a pop culture icon like Elvis. Pug females are sweet little gifts that make wonderful friends for us. Here are some names for female pugs, some of which have meanings as well.


Lilly means purity and fertility. A name inspired by flowers for your little blossom. If you have a very lovely and gorgeous girl pug, you can name her Lilly. It justifies her beauty and elegance, exactly like the lily flower does for your eyes and refreshes your senses.


In the United Kingdom, a penny is one-tenth of a pound or a coin worth that much money. A charming female pug name inspired by size is the penny. Because of your furry friend’s diminutive stature, you can name your girl pug penny. Their wrinkled face and petite physique make the pugs attractive and cute. As a result, a penny is an ideal name for your tiny girl pug.


The name duchess is a regal one. It is a female duke in her own right. If you want to be a luxury pet owner with a canine, you may name your girl pooch Duchess. Duchess can be the name of a female pup with a fair coat and a little wrinkled face.

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Overweight pug sitting between 2 human feet wearing colorful socks


The precise definition of Bella is lovely. The name reflects your female little pug’s stunning attractiveness. Bella is the right name for your furry pet since small-sized girl pugs are particularly adorable and loveable companions. The name is appropriate for your fair-haired girl pug.


Sophie, a charming abbreviated version of Sophia, demonstrates that a nickname may stand alone. She’s a lovely name that means “knowledge” and has grown in popularity to rival her variations. Your tiny girl pug merits such a moniker since she is intelligent enough to reply appropriately. That name is your go-to if you’re seeking a wonderful name for your energetic and bright girl pug.


The anglicized version of the Latin feminine given name Gloria, which means “immortal splendor,” is Gloria. The name represents forgiveness and eternal beauty. If you like your little girl pug the way she is and believe she is lovely and gorgeous in her own right, this is the name for her.

Pug wearing a sweater standing on a large rock outdoors


The name Sadie is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “princess”. You may name your pet Sadie if you treat her as more than a pet but as a wonderful friend. Choosing nicknames for your tiny female pug is a cute way to show affection and attachment to your furry pet. A gorgeous little girl pug deserves a name like that.


Tinkerbell is another pug moniker that was influenced by its stature. It is based on a Disney film in which the main character is little and incredibly attractive. Girl pugs are adorable due to their petite stature; thus, they require adorable names. Naming your little female pug is a great approach to reinforce your love and care for her.


Hazel is a yellowish- or reddish-brown hue; when used to describe the color of someone’s eyes, it is a greenish-brown shade. If you have a girl pug with really gorgeous eyes, that make you fall in love with your little girl pug every time you gaze into them, this is the name for her. Because pugs are recognized for their faces and eyes, Hazel is an excellent choice for naming your girl pug.

Pug wearing a tiara


Zoe is a female first name of Greek origin, meaning “life”. It is a popular girl’s name in various nations right now. Since 2000, it has been rated among the top 100 names for girls born in the United States. You may call your tiny female pug Zoe if you adore her for her uniqueness and she means a lot to you. That name expresses a particular spot in your heart for your tiny female pug, thus it is an excellent choice if you adore your pet.


Goldie refers to something golden in hue. The pet is not golden in color, but the beauty and distinctiveness of her coat urge a pet owner to call her Goldie. So, if you’re a pet lover who adores small female pugs with shining coats, this is the name to give your little girl a pug.


Luna is an Italian and Spanish given name of Latin origin. It denotes the moon. Luna was the divine representation of the Moon in Roman mythology. If you enjoy the moon, give your dog this name. You may use that name for your lady pug, who is as beautiful as the moon in the dark sky.

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