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Golden Retriever Puppy vs. Labrador Puppy

a portrait of a golden retriever on a blue background, and a portrait of a yellow labrador retriever on a yellow background, meeting in the middle on the diagonal with the letters VS. in the middle

Puppies of both these retriever breeds have a very charming appearance. Therefore, it is quite difficult for many owners to choose between a Golden Retriever puppy and a Labrador puppy. Both these pups are very intelligent and have a friendly demeanor with their family, especially with kids. Read on to get a detailed comparison between the puppies of Labrador and Golden Retriever and make an informed decision.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden retriever puppy sitting in green grass

Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland in the 19th century. This retriever breed was bred to retrieve shot waterfowl as well as to hunt upland birds. Puppies of this breed are intelligent, loyal, and dependable. Hence, they are considered as one of the best companions for families.

Golden Retriever pups have a wavy double coat with three different colors (golden, lightly golden, and dark golden). They are quite energetic and need proper training and daily exercise. This will help these canines to stay happy and healthy.

Labrador Puppy

Yellow Lab puppy running through a grass field

Labradors were bred to retrieve fish and ducks. They were used by fishermen as their companions in the 18th century in Canada at the time of their origin. Due to their companionship history, these pups have a loving attitude towards humans and become great family companions.

Labrador puppies have straight double coats and come in three different colors (yellow, black, and chocolate). These intelligent pups are very loyal and easily trainable. Daily exercise is a must for this breed because they possess a lot of energy. It will burn their extra energy and keep the puppies fitter and happier.  

Differences Between a Golden Retriever Puppy and a Labrador Puppy

The following are some common differences between Golden Retriever puppy and Labrador puppy.

CharacteristicsGolden Retriever PuppyLabrador Puppy
TemperamentFriendly, clever, a little bit roughLoving, intelligent, and gentle
Top Running Speed25 mph20 mph
ColorGolden, light, and dark goldenYellow, black, and chocolate
Litter Size4 to 12 puppies5 – 10 puppies
BarkingOftenVery often

Similarities Between a Golden Retriever Puppy and a Labrador Puppy

Chocolate Labrador Retriever sitting outdoors in grass

The puppies of these retriever breeds have a lot in common. Some of these similarities are discussed below.

Purebred –Both these breeds are purebred because they are not the result of any crossbreeding combination.

Size – Both Golden Retriever and Labrador have a similar size when they grow up. Their heights range from 21 to 24 inches while they can weigh from 55 to 80 pounds.

Shedding Puppies of Golden retriever and Labrador shed heavily. They are considered non- hypoallergenic and require regular grooming and a high-quality diet to minimize shedding.

Lifespan – Both these breeds are prone to some diseases and will live for about 10-12 years (on average).

Living Environment – Golden retriever and Labrador pups are very much adaptable to all living environments. They can live in backyards as well as apartments. However, you must look after their exercise needs when they are kept indoors (or in apartments).

Intelligence – Both these puppies have great levels of intelligence because of their hunting or retrieving background.

Energy – Thanks to their hunting/retrieving background, these canines are very energetic and active. Therefore, owners need to provide proper daily exercise to control their excessive energy and keep them healthier.

Suitable for Kids – Pups of Golden and Labrador retrievers are great companions for families, especially for those who have little kids. These pups love to play with children and exhibit a lot of patience around them.

Socialization – These pups are very social because they can gel well with other pets and strangers. However, they need a little bit of training to make the most of their friendly nature.

Sport Loving – These breeds love to be a part of different dog sports. For example, swimming and other water sports are among their favorite activities. They also love to play small games, like fetch a ball.

What is Better about a Golden Retriever Puppy?

3 Golden retriever puppies sitting in grass

Golden Retriever pups are very intelligent and energetic. This means that they will need plenty of mental and physical exertion. Fortunately, they love to sleep in between their playing activities. Not only does this keep your dog fresh, but it also gives the owners some time to relax or work. Keeping your dog fresh is excellent for resolving barking issues.

Golden puppies are an amazing addition to any family. This is because they have a loving nature and do very well with children, other pets, and even strangers.  

What is Better about a Labrador Puppy?

Black Lab Puppy chewing on a leaf while laying in the grass

Labrador pups are even-tempered with great levels of intelligence. This makes them easy to train, especially the training of staying alone for short periods. Pups of this breed bark quite often so they would prefer backyard living. However, they can stay happily in other living environments, like apartments and indoor houses, if trained properly.

Labradors are superb family companions and guard dogs. These pups have an excellent intellectual level and work great whenever an intruder approaches their family.

Who Should Get a Golden Retriever Puppy?

Golden retriever puppy standing in tall dead grass and weeds

These puppies require great attention and cannot stay alone. Hence, they are ideal for people who have more time for their pets. On the other hand, people who work full-time and don’t have much time for their pets shouldn’t go for this breed. Otherwise, you will have to deal with unscheduled sleep or train your pooch to play alone. They are slightly rough which means only experienced owners should get Golden retriever puppies.

Who Should Get a Labrador Puppy?

Yellow Labrador Retriever against a burgundy background

This breed is preferable for those owners who have a backyard in their house. This is because Labrador puppies bark a lot. But that doesn’t mean that owners living in apartments cannot get these pups. However, you will have to do some extra effort for training your canine friend. Labs are easy to train and handle and that’s why they are an ideal choice for inexperienced owners.

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