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Good Dalmatian Names

Dalmatian looking up through a blooming dogwood tree

101 Dalmatian Names

No, not really. There would not be enough room in this article to hold that many. There will be some good names for both male and female Dalmatians and feel free to use these names to inspire you to create your own perfect name for your pet.

Some of the names in each list can be used for both male and female dogs.

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Good Dalmatian Names

Female Dogs

portrait of a dalmatian on a pink background

1. Black Widow– Your dog is strong-willed, industrious, loving, and hard-working. This name is also associated with courage and companionship.

2. Cha-Cha– This is a Mexican dance style that has big swaying hips style to it. A perfect description for the way some dogs walk in real life.

3. Coquette– A perfect name for your dog when she is very affectionate and likes to kiss. This name means to flirt.

4. Creampuff– Associated with those dogs that are very beautiful and prefers loving to fighting. It also works for a dog that likes to be your companion

5. Fluffy– Some Dalmatian puppies are very much like a fluffy pillow or blanket. This name works for a very loyal dog which, a Dalmatian is.

6. Cupcake-Dalmatians are as cute as a cupcake, and they are almost the same size as one. This name goes well with a well-mannered pet that has that sweet look about them.

7. Dot– One would think this name refers to the many spots on a Dalmatian, but in reality, it is a name that reflects the dog’s intelligence & industrious nature.

8. Freckles– A fun-loving name that puts an identity to the myriad of spots on your dog’s body.

9. Gracie– The name means goodwill, and that describes many Dalmatian puppies who are strong-willed, good-natured, loving, and brave.

10 Jewel– A means a precious stone, and those stones are highly treasured. This name will reflect on your attitude towards your dog and how much you love her.

11 Minnie– The name means of the sea of bitter, but most Dalmatians are not bitter or angry dogs. You can use this name for the runt of the litter to designate their actual small size.

12 Nikki– This name means victory of the people, and it fits for those puppies that overcome a lot to become adult dogs.

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Male Dogs

Dalmatian on a blue background

1. Duke– The name means leader, commander, governor of a province, and it is the perfect name for the dog who commands the litter. Or you can just name him after John ‘Duke’ Wayne.

2. Bolt– A good name for a dog that likes to explode forward, and that is the meaning of this word. It is something that moves ahead very quickly and with a lot of energy.

3. Buster– The word is applied to men of great strength or is a tough guy. A perfect name for a male Dalmatian, especially when they win all of their fights with their siblings.

4. King– Like the word Duke, this name means leader, and it fits many dogs who like to rule their territory or has a very good-natured personality.

5. Moose– A word that describes a big, strong wild animal. Many Dalmatians are big and very strong, and the name will describe their physical attributes to a T.

6. Rocky– A name that invokes a tough, powerful person after the nature of Rocky Balboa. It is a charming name that lets everyone know all about your dog.

7. Ringo– The word actually means apple, and your Dalmatian can be the apple of your eye. Or you just want to honor your favorite drummer Ringo Starr.

8. Scooter– Means a small and light mode of transportation, but it can accurately name your puppy if it likes to be quick and scoot around your home.

9. Scout– The one that goes ahead, and your dog may go ahead of you at all times, even when there is no danger to be worried about.

10 Shadow– A name that means hidden from the sun, but it also can tell everyone you think your dog is a superhero. The Shadow came before Superman.

11 Rex– This word means king, and it depicts the leadership characteristic found in your puppy.

12 Frisky– Means lively, frolicsome and playful; many Dalmatian puppies are just those things.

Some Final Words

3 dalmatians standing on railroad tracks

Finding the right name for your Dalmatian puppy can be a difficult task. Not only are there so many to choose from, but you may have to wait about a week or so to see something in their behavior that lets you know what their perfect name would be.

Take your time to find the best name, as you do not want to be embarrassed when you call the name out in public.

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