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How to Calm a Toy Poodle

Human hands holding a black toy poodles head in their hands

If you have an active child, then a poodle may be the best breed to buy as a pet. This species of dog can be very active and can match your child’s energy level for energy level. Not only will your pet get enough exercise to be healthy, so will your child.

This is a win-win situation for you unless you need your pet to calm down so your child will. There are ways to calm your poodle and in the next few minutes, you can read about how to do just that.

Take these few minutes to see how this important information can help you calm your pet when they seem to have an endless supply of energy.

Why are Poodles So Active

Their temporary behavior may be due to their breeding. There are different influences in the history of breeding poodles that can create this seemingly unending energy source. But it is not the only source for their bundle of energy that never seems to quit.

1. Hunting Purpose- Poodles are said to have been bred to help hunters. In this role, poodles need a lot of energy to stay with their owners and help track and retrieve the game. Because of this purpose and breeding, poodles may find it hard to calm down.

2. Not Enough Exercise- Just like people who need exercise to calm down, poodles are no different. You need to make sure they get enough exercise whether it is through walks, runs in the park or in your own back yard.

3. Not Enough Mental Stimulation- To help calm your poodle, you need to give them something to focus their intelligence on. As they work on that activity, they will calm down.

How to Calm a Toy Poodle

Close up of a small toy poodle being held in a human's arms

The good news about this problem is that it is temporary. This over-active period should only last a couple of months and then it is over. To make it through this terrible time, you can do one or all of the following to help your poodle calm down.

1. Train Your Poodle

Small poodle dancing on its hind legs with its human outdoors

Poodles are highly intelligent and can catch on to the behavior you want them to follow very easily. That means you have to spend some time teaching your pet what they should be doing and what they should not be doing.

Proper training can go a long way in keeping your poodle’s behavior down to a level that is tolerable. Using their favorite treats to reinforce positive behavior is a good tool to employ.

Just make sure not to overdo it with those treats. You do not want to make your pet fat and out of shape.

2. Provide Enough Exercise

white toy poodle running in grass

Even if you are older and have no young kids or grandkids you can still provide enough exercise opportunities for your poodle. You can take them for long walks, let them run around your back yard or take them to a very nice dog park where they can run free for a while.

Or you can simply spend some time in the house playing different activity-filled games like roughhousing, tug of war, and so on. You do not need small children to entertain your poodle and give them lots of exercises.

You can also do it over the course of the day splitting up those play times, so you have enough energy to calm your pet down.

3. Give Them Mental Stimulation

white toy poodle playing tug with a border collie

Construct activities that will have your pet use their intelligence to solve a little problem. Or take the time to give them different commands to learn. Teach them how to roll over, sit up, play dead and other activities that have the poodle learning to move the right way when the right word is given.

Mental stimulation will also solve some of your exercise problems as your pet will get exercise as they do these little activities. Just make sure the activities do not cross over the line into teasing your pet. You do not want them to get frustrated or angry.

4. Good Food

dog food in a pile isolated on a white background

One way to help your pet get calmer is to provide them with a healthy diet. Giving them healthy food is the way to keep them healthy and make sure they have the proper nutrients to help their bodies grow strong.

If you are not sure what type of food you should feed your pet, talk to your vet and get their recommendations.

5. Routine

White toy poodle looking up at the camera

Give your pet the same routine every day. This will cut down on their frustrated feelings and help them act more calmly. Spend more time with your pet as well as poodles like spending time with their masters.

Some Final Words

If you own an active or over-active poodle to heart. This period is temporary and you can get through it by using the above information. Just be patient and you will come through this period just fine.

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