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How to Train a Chihuahua to Pee Outside

Fawn colored chihuahua sitting on a rug next to a pee spot

Being one of the most popular dog breeds, that doesn’t mean they are always easy to train. Some dogs are easier to train than others, but Chihuahuas are not in the former category. They are in the latter and that can cause owners a lot of frustration when it comes to having their dog pee outside.

The Chihuahua’s stubborn streak often gets in the way and thwarts any training efforts. But with a little patience, you can get the job done. Also, a few rewards should also make the peeing outside training smoother and easier.

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The Puppy’s Training Starts Early

Thankfully, the Chihuahua’s mother starts the potty training before he or she comes home to you. This little effort helps you start your new puppy on a good training program that should make sure no accidents happen in the home.

The first step to this work is before you bring that new puppy home, decide what area of your yard you will sacrifice for his bathroom. Once you have made the decision, the rest of your training should fall in line.

Just do not make it too far away from a door so your little fella or gal does not have to walk a long distance to relieve themselves. Also, keep the spot away from play areas. You do not want your children rolling around in dog waste.

Keep in mind that your small dog may not make it 15 minutes between bathroom breaks when they are very young. So be prepared to clean up some messes before they are fully trained to go outside.

How to Train a Chihuahua to Pee Outside

Older red chihuahua peeing on a tree

Now that you have picked out the perfect area for your dog to pee in and do other bathroom stops, it is time to begin their training. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Keep an eye on your little dog and when they look like they are going to pee, scoop them up and take them to their spot.

2. After placing them down in that area, use the command ‘Go Potty’ so they start to associate that area with going to the bathroom.

3. When he is successful, give him or her a nice treat as a reward for their due diligence.

4. Do this every time they go to the bathroom in the right spot. Be ready to get up in the middle of the night to help your pup go outside. Your Chihuahua should be ready to go to the bathroom as soon as they wake up from any sleep time, after meals, and after playtime.

5. If there is an accident in the home, make sure to clean it up ASAP. Dogs tend to go to the bathroom where they have gone before. By cleaning up those accidents right away, you help your dog’s training and keep them from peeing in that spot again.

6. Repeat the process every time you see your dog getting ready to pee. This effort will take time and they should soon learn where their bathroom is.

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Four Toilet Training Tips

Fawn colored chihuahua peeing on a large rock

1. Chihuahuas do not like the cold and they feel that cold very quickly. This makes toilet training very difficult to do in the fall, winter, and early spring. It also hinders nighttime toilet breaks as well.

Puppies lose their body heat very fast, and you need to take some precautions for this issue your Chihuahua could get hypothermia before you know it.

2. Make toilet training easy for your puppy to do. Also, try to keep it comfortable as these two elements help make it easier for your dog to learn where they need to go to the bathroom.

3. Overlook the accidents. They will happen from time to time and do not view these as a battle of the wills. Sometimes Chihuahuas cannot hold it for a very long time. They are small dogs with small bladders.

4. When you pick that perfect potty spot for your dog, make sure it is a safe place in your yard. You do not want anything to happen to your pet and many things can happen until your dog gets old enough to be vaccinated.

Some Final Words

Long haired black and tan chihuahua sitting on a grass field

Toilet training is not difficult. It just takes time until your dog learns where to go. Once they do learn, make sure you spot the signs for when they are ready to go outside. This will cut down on the number of accidents when you let them out quickly.

Don’t forget to provide them with the right rewards when your dog does it right.

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