Small Dogs Breed Chart – With Heights and Weights

Small dogs are wonderful. Many of the small breeds make wonderful lap dogs and they all make great companions. This Small Dogs Breed Chart shows you the 25 smallest dog breeds along with their average height and weight.

Small Dogs Breed Chart 
The 25 Smallest Dog Breeds

When you are researching the dog breed to bring into your life, make sure that you take into account their temperament and need for exercise. Some small breeds are great in apartments and others do better on farms. You can see that information on the AKC smallest dog breeds list.

It’s also important to remember that not all small dog breeds do well with young children and if you have toddlers in the house it’s important to make sure your small dog has some of their own space.

Ultimately, please have fun with this small dogs breed chart and enjoy learning about all the wonderful small dog breeds.

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