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Top Six Dog Breeds That Protect Their Owners

Cane Corso laying on grass in yard

There are many reasons to want a guard dog.  You may want one for personal protection of your own home or even protection from a visitor at your own door. A lot of these dogs need a lot of training and a lot of exercises to be able to do what they are made to do, which is to protect you and your own home.  

Many of the dogs that are listed below get a bad reputation for their protective traits and behaviours. But they are often wonderful companions and all are breeds that protect their owners.


Chow laying on brick walkway in front of pink flowering bushes

The Chow originated in Mongolia around 4,000 years ago. 

Most guard dogs need to be large, and well trained. The Chow actually doesn’t have these traits, they tend to become lazy but they are amazing guard dogs and here’s is why:

The Male ranges from 50 to 70 pounds.

Chows are a very well mannered dog and a great family dog. One thing is that this breed needs to be trained as a puppy. Chows are a very dominant breed, that means it’s very important for you to stay in the alpha role, so that your dog knows who the alpha in the home is.

The Cane Corso

Black and white Cane Corso laying on a beach

The Cane Corso is not only a great home protection dog but also can handle any size intruders. This breed is a very powerful and noble breed. They are also a very large boned and muscular breed. 

This breed’s name comes from the Latin language “Cohors”. Which in Latin terms means protector. This dog may be a very large breed, but they remain loyal to their family and their children. 


Head and shoulders shot of a Rottweiler on a blurred background

Rots are a muscular dog that weighs well over one hundred pounds depending on their bloodline. 

This breed loves getting tasks to perform and is the happiest when they are doing work.  They are a smart and obedient breed, they are used as a police dog, self-protection, and they are great as a therapy dog. 

Rots act quickly in bad situations, but they are also inherent protectors. They are known for checking their environment before going in any situation. 

The Belgian Malinois 

Belgian Malinois laying in tall grass

Belgian Malinois Guard dog training is commonly known as Schutzhund training. This breed is commonly used as Russian Prison Dogs.

This breed normally starts its training as early as nine weeks. 

First, you want to start out your dog socializing with people and other dogs. A lot of people will also expose their dog to noises and darkness. I know some of these may seem silly but they are very important for when your dog gets older so these situations won’t cause them anxiety.

The Dogo Argentino 

Dogo Argentino laying next to lake

The Dogo Argentino is a muscular dog breed that is very large and has a white hair coat. It was bred in Argentina as a hunting dog. The type of animals they usually hunted were puma and wild boars. 

The breeder of this type of dog was named Antonio Martinez.  Antonio wanted to create a type of breed with bravery and willingness when it came to protecting their owner. They were first created in 1928 by breeding the Cordoba Fighting Dog along with a wide variety of other dog breeds that included the Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Boxer, as well as the Great Pyrenees.

They are without a doubt one of the best guard dogs.


Closeup of Bullmastiff on fall colored blurred background

This breed makes the ultimate mix of loveable family pet and excellent guard dog. There is not a doubt that this BIG, BOLD,and BEAUTIFUL breed is one of the best guard dogs. 

These dogs are fearless defenders when it comes to protecting their family and their homes. They will keep you feeling safe and secure in your home.

Bullmastiffs are closely related to South African Bullmastiff, another breed known for its formidable appearance and regularly approaching strangers, but with its lovable and appreciation for its owner.

These big breeds are good defenders in protecting what is theirs. With some good training, these dogs can play a huge key factor in both their families live and in giving good protection, A very interesting fact about them is that since they are so strong most of their weight is made up of muscles. 

The Bottom Line on Breeds That Protect Their Owners

These are the top six dog breeds that will protect their owners and their homes when they need to. With that being said most of these dogs take a lot of work, need a good trainer and mostly a big backyard to be able to run around.

When owning a guard or a protection dog, there are a lot of responsibilities.

While looking at the breeds above you also have to take in consideration how powerful and a lot of work some of these dogs can be.  Some who don’t want to take on the responsibilities or the challenge of a guard dog, but still want your dog to be alert with an introduction should look at watchdogs instead. Watchdog breeds are often known for persistent barking and scaring away unwanted trespassers. 

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