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What Breed of Dog is Good for Anxiety?

Person in a pink sweater holding a chihuahua

Dogs may significantly improve their owners’ mental well-being, particularly during stressful or anxious situations. The finest dogs for reducing stress and anxiety are Yorkshire terriers, Labradors, pugs, poodles, golden retrievers, and golden retrievers. Keep reading to know more about the dog breeds that are good for anxiety and learn some key characteristics of these pups.

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Key Characteristics of Dogs that are Good for Anxiety

Numerous studies have demonstrated the advantages of owning a pet for those with mental health issues. Dogs’ physical touch and companionship have been demonstrated to decrease blood pressure and raise chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that support mood stability and pleasure. Here are a few essential traits of a dog that is beneficial for anxiety.

High Energy Levels

Poodle standing outdoors in grass

Dogs need to be physically active, and those that experience anxiety might also benefit from more exercise. Having an energetic dog will aid in your battle against anxiety. A boisterous dog will eventually grab your attention by playing, hugging, running behind, and going for walks. Regular walks with the dog are a simple way to go outside and move. Taking their dog for a daily morning stroll helps worried dog owners feel considerably better.

Extensive Training Needs

person kneeling while trianing a puppy

You will be able to manage your anxiety better if your dog requires training. Training is something that dogs need and gain a lot from, and it also gives the dog and owner a fun, constructive activity to perform together. Putting all of your attention on training your dog might be a distraction during anxious or stressful times. Frequent daily encounters with a dog alone might also serve as a distraction from anxiety symptoms.

High Intelligence

Brown and white dog looking down at 3 cups in front of it.

The quality that a dog has to have to be an owner-relieving companion is intelligence. Intelligent dogs are quick to pick up on the fact that their owners may not be feeling well at all or may be experiencing worry. Having a dog can also bring consolation after upsetting events. Some dogs are taught to do this deliberately. When an owner is having a hard time, their dog may be a comforting presence since dogs are very sensitive to their owner’s emotions.

Good Responsiveness

It is insufficient to just recognize that the owner has worries. To be a good anxiety dog, the dog has to have a feeling of responsiveness. When the owner is not feeling well, a perceptive dog will be able to help by doing cute and distracting tricks to address the situation and improve his attitude. Additionally, responsive Dogs offer a close and dependable relationship for persons who might find it difficult to connect socially or whose condition makes it impossible for them to sustain social relationships.

Best Dog Breed for Anxiety

Woman kissing the cheek of a brown dog

Labrador Retriever is the best dog breed for anxiety. These devoted dogs are incredibly clever and provide their owner’s continual love and attention, which makes them feel comfortable. Owners who experience anxiety might profit from the ability to make them feel secure in their surroundings.

They once aided hunters in recovering their prey and carrying it across difficult terrain to bring it to its owners. They have received training for many different objectives. Their nervous owners feel secure in their surroundings because of their politeness and composed manner. For anxious individuals who frequently feel overwhelmed in unfamiliar settings, this is a priceless advantage.

Additionally, Labradors are employed in psychiatric treatments to assist people with attention deficit disorder or autism in youngsters (ADD). Labradors may be a distraction for owners because they are also quite lively.

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Dog Breeds for Stress

Dogs are frequently the center of attention. They’re cute, loving, and devoted to their family. Some dog breeds, however, are better suited to assist with anxiety and other mental health problems than others. The following are some of the best dog breeds for stress.


poodle laying down in grass outdoors

Standard Poodles assist humans in a variety of ways. They make wonderful companion dogs since they are intelligent, sociable, and optimistic. When they’re in the presence of this pooch, dog owners can’t help but grin. Furthermore, because this dog breed has a hypoallergenic coat, grooming requirements are minimal, which benefits allergy sufferers.


Chihuahua laying on wood deck

You’re constantly on the run, carry your Chihuahua with you. While they may require a lot of early socialization, this pup is loving and can aid you with your emotional requirements. They like fun and snuggles but do not require much exercise.


Pomeranian jumping on brick pavers

Pomeranians will require extensive socialization to become used to strangers and small children. If not, they will lavish you with love and devotion. You may take this pup anyplace, and they will be glad to be with you. They are clever puppies who will make wonderful lapdogs. Pomeranian dogs are also proven to reduce stress.

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever laying in a blue dog bed

As stress dogs, Golden Retrievers are unbeatable. This puppy will breeze through the Canine Good Citizen Test. They are also peaceful, amiable, and cooperative, and get along well with other people and animals. Golden retrievers are excellent with children and will be devoted to the entire family. With their charming and humorous gaits, they have the power to reduce the stress levels of their owners.


Collie standing on a dirt road

Because Collie is a herding dog, they are monitoring their family. They are sensitive to emotional cues and will be with you if anything doesn’t seem right. This dog will always be by your side. They require some exercise because they may be rather lively.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier running down a road

This breed can be the best dog for you if you want someone to follow you like a shadow. Yorkies form strong bonds with their owners and are devoted companions who shower them with attention. You won’t feel alone if you have a Yorkshire as your furry buddy since they have a highly loving and caring relationship with their owners.

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