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What Happens If You Breed an American Lab with an English Lab?

Yellow Labrador puppy walking towards the camera through grass

This is a question that is asked quite frequently and is quite common. People are curious about the potential health issues that could arise from breeding an American Lab with an English Lab. The objective is to achieve a state in which one enjoys the benefits of both worlds. But does it not compromise one’s safety or health to do so?

This is a question that a growing number of people who own Labs ask. When you breed puppies, you want to make sure they’re healthy and normal. Simply continue reading our article and you will discover the responses to the two questions.

It explores this subject in order to provide you with the appropriate information before you attempt this. Spend a few moments getting caught up on the latest information regarding this subject.

Can You Breed an American Lab with an English Lab?

The response is plainly obvious. Yes, you can. These two canines are both of the same breed, but they each have their own unique characteristics. They are both descended from the original Newfoundland dogs that were used to establish this breed. It was just one person who brought some of those Canadian dogs back to England and gave them to breeders in that country so they could improve the breed.

Another group of people carried out the same actions with regard to the United States and achieved the same results. There are distinctions between the two varieties of dogs, but those distinctions do not make it impossible to breed them together.

It is very safe and healthy to breed these two dogs together. That is as long as you have healthy parents to start it all off. The purpose for breeding the two can be varied as different breeders want to highlight certain features to make the puppies look better than ever.

The results of your efforts will be determined by the bloodlines, characteristics, and health issues of the pair you start with. So, make your parent selection carefully and examine their bloodlines thoroughly to make sure you start off right.

The Looks of the English & American Lab

Physical features are important, and the following comparison chart will tell you what you are working with. This information will give you an idea of what your new puppies will look like.

  Category  English Labrador  American Labrador
  Height  21.5 to 22.5 inches  21.5 to 24.5 inches
  Weight  60 to 80 pounds  55 to 80 pounds
  Build  Heavy set, broad and intimidating  Tall, lean, and athletic
  Coat  Short, dense and double-layered  Shorter than the English lab and lightweight
  Head  Blocky, short, wide muzzle, broad neck  Slender, streamlined, longer neck, muzzle, and head
  Tail  Otter-like tail with a thick base and a narrow end  Usually very thin the whole length

It is said that the American working dog side is the dominant of the two sets of features. Your puppies may take after the American Lab more than the English Lab.

English & American Lab Mix Results

Litter of chocolate and black lab puppies isolated on a white background

When it comes to genetics, nothing can be guaranteed or established with absolute certainty. The two dogs each have their own set of distinctive qualities, and any litter they have will pass along some or all of those traits to at least some of the puppies. You will find that different puppies each have their own unique characteristics.

Some of the puppies will identify more strongly with their American heritage, while others will identify more strongly with their English heritage. Before those puppies reach adulthood, there is no way to know for sure what you will end up with.

However, what you will receive are puppies with personalities, temperaments, and natures that are typically associated with Labrador retrievers. They will be pure Labradors, though a few characteristics from one of their parents or grandparents may end up being more pronounced.

This indicates that the puppies will have a high level of friendliness, amiability, activity, ease of training, intelligence, and possibly even more. These characteristics are shared by both of the Labrador breed’s subtypes. On the other hand, some of the puppies will make better companion dogs, while others will make better show dogs or working dogs.

When they are born, it is impossible to predict which one will have which characteristic. One thing is certain, as they get older, they will require a significant amount of exercise and activity on a consistent basis. When you breed the two dogs, you can count on that particular aspect to remain unchanged.

Some Final Words

Litter of white labrador puppies on a white cushion

It is not at all dangerous to crossbreed English labradors and American labradors together. Before you begin the actual process of breeding, this is the time when you need to do your research. To ensure that the puppies you get are healthy and normal, you need to investigate the health of the parents, in addition to other aspects of the situation.

Take your time in locating suitable parents, as this will be the most important factor in determining the characteristics possessed by the puppies they produce.

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