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What is a Pocket Beagle?

Portrait of a small beagle outdoors

Pocket beagles are a smaller variant of the classic beagle dog breed, yet their intellect and loving nature are not diminished by their size. Pocket beagles are noted for their fun energy, loving attitudes, and modest maintenance requirements. Keep reading to know about the differences between a Pocket Beagle and Beagle.

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What is the History of Pocket Beagles?

Little beagles were utilized in packs as part of hunting activities in the 13th century and were known as “glove beagles”. This is because they could fit inside the palm of a hunting glove. Glove beagles were eventually displaced for hunting purposes by larger beagles, the breed that is now known as the standard-sized beagle. However, the pocket beagle continued to exist and are still seen in the US.

During hunts in the 15th century, Queen Elizabeth I was rumored to carry pocket beagles in her saddle bags or pockets. She had numerous pocket beagles, enhancing their popularity, and the breed survived around until present times. Although they aren’t as well-known as their bigger counterparts when it comes to hunting.

The first beagles arrived in America from Britain in 1870s and they were officially recognized by AKC in 1884. Nowadays, people like this dog for its loving demeanor, lively spirit, and position as a fantastic family and companion animal.

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Differences Between a Beagle and a Pocket Beagle

The following table shows some of the major differences between a beagle and a pocket beagle.

CharacteristicsBeaglePocket Beagle
Height15 inches7-12 inches
Weight20-25 pounds7-15 pounds
Lifespan12-15 years7-9 years
TemperamentEnergetic, playful, gentleAffectionate, playful, energetic
Energy LevelHighModerate

Similarities between a Beagle and a Pocket Beagle

Beagle laying in grass outdoors

The following are the similarities between a beagle and a pocket beagle.

Breed Type – Both these pups are purebred and have not been developed by mixing any breeds.

Coat Type – Both breeds have short and dense coats.

Color – Both these dogs are available in black, grey, tan, and red color.

Shedding – You should be prepared to clean a reasonable amount of hair with Beagles because both breeds shed moderately.

Grooming – Both dogs require minimal grooming and regular brushing should be enough to avoid shedding.

Trainability – Both the Beagles are intelligent and easy to train.

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Are Pocket Beagles Rare?

Beagle sitting in front of a set of dark brown doors

Yes, pocket beagles are rare. Although being a lesser-known and unusual species, Pocket Beagles have been around for a long time and have been known as the Little Beagle, Old English Pocket Beagle, Glove Beagle, and Teacup Beagle. Its origins may be traced back to the 13th century when hunters would keep them in their pockets and release them to seek the smell of tiny animals. Hunters would spot the dogs by the white tip on their tails as they moved through the dense grass.

Do Pocket Beagles Have Good Temperament?

Beagle running through grass with a rope toy in its mouth

The pocket beagle is known for being kind, sociable, lively, and affectionate, and they have a fantastic disposition. They love to play, exercise and spend time with their family. The ideal choice for this pup is for families or people with enough free time to take them on multiple short walks throughout the day and give them lots of opportunities to play with their toys.

Pocket beagles like cuddling with their families as well as making new acquaintances among humans and animals. Hence, you can anticipate your pocket beagle to be devoted, wise, and watchful, yet a touch wicked when it comes to robbing people of their food and creating havoc out of boredom.

If given the chance to amuse themselves while you’re gone, pocket beagles can be left alone for brief intervals. Dogs left alone or unattended for extended periods may become loud and destructive. If you must leave your dog, try to give them something to do so that their time away from you will be a lot more stimulating and fascinating. Take your small hound running with you, it will adore it and keep your pocket beagle from becoming bored as one effective technique to give it the exercise it needs. A healthy dog should exercise for at least one hour each day, preferably more.

Do Pocket Beagles Make Good Pets?

Beagle puppy being held up by a vet

In any condition, Pocket Beagles are the ideal family pet. They are tiny enough to receive adequate exercise in a limited environment, like an apartment, yet they are equally at home outside.

They are kind and caring and are little enough to be ideal buddies for children and adults. Yet, this does not imply that they are appropriate for all families. Because of their tiny stature, they can easily hurt if they play too hard. Because Pocket Beagles like playing, especially with children, they are best suited for families with children who understand the value of being gentle with them.

They are hounds; therefore, they belong outside, but because they are so little, they are equally at home in apartments. It will thus be content in any living situation as long as you can provide it with the care and exercise it requires. Also, they aren’t obnoxious or messy, so they make excellent housemates.

They would like an active lifestyle and require various activities to keep them occupied. But, because they are so little, they will be able to receive enough exercise through walks or playing and will not require extensive runs or excursions. To top it all off, they are very clever and easily trainable.

Are Pocket Beagles Good with Other Animals?

Yorkshire terrier and a beagle running in grass

The very gregarious pocket beagle typically gets along with other animals. They may readily become friends with other dogs, particularly other beagles, as they are packed creatures. You should be aware that the pocket beagle may have a high prey drive because they were raised as hunting dogs, which can be an issue if you have smaller pets like hamsters or even small cats in your home. To avoid mishaps, make sure your pocket beagle is well-trained and watches over any interactions with unfamiliar animals.

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