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What to Feed a Toy Poodle Puppy

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Decisions! Decisions!

After you decide on a toy poodle and the gender, you still have to decide on the type of food you will feed him or her. Plus, you have to learn how much to feed your little puppy. Once you make all the decisions, the rest should be easy.

To learn how to feed your toy poodle and what food you should use, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so that your little fell or gal will be healthy for years to come. Take a few minutes to see how important this information is.

How Much Do You Feed a Toy Poodle Puppy?

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You do not want to feed too much to your little pet. It is easy for a dog to gain weight and become too fat. Then you have the difficult task of getting them to slim down. That may be harder than it is for you to stick to a diet.

The recommended amount of food for a toy poodle is going to be about 1/2 cup of dry food twice a day. You can feed them a little less if you want to but not too much less. Their growing bodies need the nourishment of nutritious dog food.

Many dogs may whine if they are only fed once a day and the reason for that is that they are probably hungry. However, you do not want to serve them large meals each time you feed them.

Split the amount up over the number of times they eat so that they get the same amount of food. Also, you may give more food if your dog is a little more active than average. While you do not want to over-feed your pet, you also do not want to underfeed them either.

How Often Do You Feed a Toy Poodle Puppy?

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For the most part, this will be up to you. Many people like to feed their dogs only once a day. But if their day is active, your pet may be hungry again in the evening or at night. Toy poodles should be fed twice a day though and they only need about a 1/2 cup of food each time.

Don’t forget that you will be feeding him or her snacks and treats as you reward them for their good behavior and successful training. It is not cruel to feed a dog once a day but if your pet is hungry, you should make allowances in the schedule to make sure they are getting their full nourishment share each day.

To add a little variety to their diet, you can mix in some human food. The type of human food you give your toy poodle should be healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. For specific foods to share with him or her, talk to your vet.

A lot of times, poodles and other dogs will decide which human food they like.

How Many Times a Day Do You Feed a Toy Poodle Puppy

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The feeding times should not exceed two times a day. While some people recommend up to three times a day, there is a risk of over-feeding your pet and giving them too much food.

Of course, if your pet is very active, then you may give them some extra meals or snacks but not too much. The risk of over-feeding your poodle is great and your treasured friend may develop different diseases if you overdo the feeding portion of their day.

There are some foods that your pet should not or cannot eat. Some of those food items are chocolate, xylitol, grapes, macadamia nuts, raisins, or drink alcohol. While these items may make your dog beg for some, resist their puppy dog eyes, and say no.

What Brand of Foods Should They Eat?

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Every dog owner and vet have their own personal favorites. You can choose any one of the top brands on the market today be wary of the cheap off-brand varieties. Those cheaper foods may fit your budget, but they are not as healthy as the top brands are.

They do not have the very best or healthiest ingredients in them.

Some Final Words

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Feeding your pet is a bit of trial and error. With every dog being different, you have to find the right amount of food and the right number of feeding times for your dog. Make food adjustments as you monitor their weight and their growth.

Taking care of your pet means making sure they are getting the proper diet and exercise as well as the right amount of food.

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