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How to Clean a Dog Rope Toy

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It might be an issue if your dog plays with their rope toy regularly., especially if they drool a lot on it or play with it outside in the dirt. This regular usage fosters germs, creating a prime environment for your dog to become ill. To get rid of those germs and keep your furry friend safe, Keep reading to have detailed instructions about how to clean a dog rope toy.

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Cleaning Dog Rope Toy

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Although it is necessary to keep your furry friend healthy, most pet owners don’t think about cleaning their dog’s toys. Cleaning dog toys help keep your pet safe and prevent the spread of germs.

While normal dirt, spit, and saliva don’t immediately endanger your pet, they accumulate over time on their toys.

Softer toys may generate germs, so you might want to clean them. According to U.S. government research, microwaving domestic cleaning supplies like sponges eliminates all types of microorganisms, including mold, yeast, and bacteria.

Following are the steps for cleaning rope toys.

Step 1 – After dampening the toy, microwave it for one minute. Because microwave wattages differ, keep an eye on the toy as it’s being heated.

Step 2 – When removing the object, use caution because it can be hot.

Step 3 – The second-best option is to put the toy through the hot cycle of your dishwasher without any detergent. That kills germs, yeast, and mold almost as well as using a microwave.

Step 4 – If you want to disinfect your rope toys, washing them in extremely hot water alone is insufficient. The water gets even hotter throughout a dishwashing cycle.

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Disinfecting the Rope Toy through the Microwave

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The mouth is used to bite, chew, and tug on rope toys. The slobber-soaked strands provide a fantastic habitat for many bacteria and germs. These toys may be sterilized in the microwave right away. But make sure it’s only rope—no plastic rings or metals—and nothing else.

Rope toys must be soaked in water for a brief period before being placed into the microwave. Any bacteria that could be present in the toy would be eliminated after a brief period in the microwave. Toys can get quite hot, so use caution while removing them from the microwave to avoid getting burned.

In any event, microwaving only sanitizes rope toys; it does not get rid of accumulated dirt and filth. The best course of action is to place the items in the dryer together with them.

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