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How to Cut Dog Nails with Scissors 2

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Many women love being pampered. They go and get pedicures and manicures just to have that special feeling. Well, female humans are not alone in this category. Some dogs love to be pampered as well.

One way to pamper your pet is to trim those nails. When you trim them, your dog is more comfortable and happy. But one tool you should not use is a pair of scissors. These hair-cutting tools are not made to cut nails and could crush those little nails and harm your dog.

There are better tools to use when your dog’s nails need trimming.

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Can I use scissors to cut my dog’s nails?

The best answer that can be given here is ‘No’ you can’t use scissors to trim those nails. Technically, you can use them but they are not the best tool for the job. There are many reasons why you should not use scissors on those long nails:

1. Dog nails are thicker, stronger, and round in shape than human nails. That makes it hard for scissors to cut through cleanly.

2. Normal scissors can put too much pressure on the nail and not cut it. Instead, you crush, splinter, or break the nail causing your dog some problems.

3. The scissors may not be sharp enough to cleanly cut those nails. That can be painful if you hit the quick.

Because dogs do not fully understand the process or why they are getting their nails trimmed, you have to select the right tool for the job to make it painless and more fun. Scissors are not the right tool and can inflict pain making your dog afraid of their nail trimming time.

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How do you cut a dog’s nails with scissors at home?

Close up of a dogs paws with long nails

To be frank, you don’t use scissors. But if you have nothing else to use, then you have to make sure those scissors are extra sharp. Even barber scissors may not be sharp enough to handle this task.

Then, make sure you know how to hold your pet and if possible, keep them elevated so they do not have the opportunity to run away. The last thing you need is to have your dog move away in the middle of cutting a nail.

Third, you need to know where the quick is. Using scissors makes it difficult to miss the quick, and you could hurt your pet if you cut wrong. Once you are done, make sure to have a reward for your pet for enduring this process.

One thing you can use those scissors for is to trim the fur away from their paws. If the dog’s fur is long and shaggy, you will need to trim that fur around the nails to get a good cut.

Plus, you will want to see what you are doing so you can avoid cutting the quick. But put those scissors down once you cleared the paw of the long fur.

Nail clipping FAQs

Close up of a person trimming the nails on a white dog paw

1. If I can’t use scissors, what can I use to trim my dog’s nails?

There are the right tools for the job. These include guillotine nail clippers, power grinders, and even emery boards. The latter will smooth out rough edges.

2. Where should I make my cut?

It is best to just cut the tip of the nail. This way you avoid the quick and keep your dog from getting hurt. Seeing the quick is another matter as on some dogs it is hard to see.

3. What can I use if I do not have a pair of dog nail clippers?

There are other good tools you can use. The grinder is the fastest option but you have to be extra careful using those. Or you can use an Emory board to file those tips down. This is the slowest but most gentle method to use.

4. What do I do if I cut the quick?

The first thing you need to do is put some septic powder on the cut to stop the bleeding. Then call your vet if the bleeding won’t stop.

5. What if my dog runs away or fights this pampering?

There are some good collars or restraints that you can buy. They will not harm your dog and keep them in place while you work. Or you can buy a grooming hammock to immobilize your dog safely.

Some final words

Close up of white dog paws isolated on a white background.

Pampering your pet is fun and easy to do, except when it comes to tasks that make them afraid. At those times you need to calm your pet before you start working.

You have to be patient as well, as when a dog struggles it is going to take a lot longer to get those nails trimmed.

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