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Best Dehydrator for Dog Treats

food dehydrator with fruit and herbs on trays in front of kitchen window

We’ve had a lot of interest in dehydrators you can use for dog treats and have done the research for you. These are three of the best rated dehydrators on the market. They can be used for dog treats and for human food as well.

Best Premium Dehydrator for Dog Treats

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator(found on Amazon) $276.03

With 9 trays and 15 square feet of drying space this food dehydrator offers plenty of space to make a lot of treats for your dog. It also has an adjustable thermostat, built in 26 hour timer and an auto shut off function. Planning on dehydrating sticky foods? The Excalibur includes a flexible poly-screen tray insert to prevent foods from sticking .

What customers are saying:

So far this has been awesome. Works very well.

So far this has been awesome. Works very well. Can fit a lot of fruit, jerkey in it. Easy to clean. It seems to be louder when more is in it but that’s hasn’t been a problem for us. We use it a lot. Good purchase.


Great product and better customer service

An amazing dehydrator. I’ve done beef and venison jerky, my wife uses it to make her spices and dehydrates fruit for the kids. Great product. But their customer service is beyond outstanding. After a month and a half the timer stopped working. I contacted Excalibur and they sent me a new dehydrator with a return shipping label to return the defective one within a day. I am absolutely amazed at how fast they are with resolving the problem I had with my dehydrator. I will never buy another brand.

Brian Pols

A friend recommended this brand of dehydrator so I saved up and …

A friend recommended this brand of dehydrator so I saved up and bought one. So glad I did. Very easy to use and well built. I’ve heard of people owning and using this brand of dehydrating units for many years (one friend says she’s using her mother’s and remembers her mom using it when she was a kid). I bought the clear front cover for this unit and the silicone tray liners as well. Very happy with my purchase!

C. Easter

Best Midpoint Dehydrator for Dog Treats

Gourmia GFD1680 Premium Countertop Food Dehydrator (Found on Amazon) $89.99

The Gourmia food dehydrator is the perfect midpoint dehydrator for making dog treats. With 6 drying trays and bonus fruit leather sheet and drip tray, making dog treats will be a breeze. Like the more expensive dehydrators, the Gourmia offers digital controls and active 360 airflow circulation so that your food dehydrates evenly.

What customers are saying:

Easy-to-Use Food Dehydrator

The Gourmia food dehydrator was the first dehydrator that I have used and it really made it simple! The product came with a manual giving instructions on how to dry a large variety of foods. I have used it to make dried apples and bananas with great results. Once you prepare the food on the tray, all you have to do is turn it on and adjust the time/temperature and the rest is hands-off. This product makes it easy to make a tasty and healthy snack, I would definitely recommend it!


Exactly what we asked for

We are so pleased with the dehydrator. We did beef and turkey. Followed the directions and it was done in 6 hours. Love the window to see in.


Works great!

Love it so far. I have done different fruits and over 20 lbs of meat so far and very impressed.

Blake Watanabe

Best Value Dehydrator for Dog Treats

NutriChef Electric Food Dehydrator (Found on Amazon) $47.71

If you want to take a more minimal approach to food dehydration you can’t get simpler than the one button operation of this food dehydrator. The NutriChef is a professional food dehydrator that comes with 5 removable, stackable food trays for preserving meats, fruits and vegetables.

What customers are saying:

The unit is really easy to use

I bought the dehydrator to preserve the large crop of apples from our tree this year. The unit is really easy to use. Although it has ample warnings about putting it on a heat resistant surface, it never gets hot, just warm. I was able to touch it at any time to check the progress or move it. It’s easy to clean the trays and the apples were finished in 3-5 hours. I should have done this a long time ago!

Bev’s Books


I love this thing. I usually buy two cuts of London broils to use as jerky and it fits perfectly into all the shelves. Dehydrates the meat evenly but I’d still recommend checking the jerky every few hours and pull the thinner cuts off so they don’t get too dry; this may not be an issue if you aren’t cutting them by hand like I do. I would definitely buy this again if this one ever broke on me.

Andrew Hatfield

A kitchen workhorse.

Trays lock together nicely, and holds an amazing amount of foods for drying. Quiet, and quite a bit quicker to dehydrate than our older model. I think the airflow is more efficient in this model, so drying time is faster. Very pleased. It has been running for about 4 weeks straight (cycling batches of fruits and vegetables) When our harvest is done, I’m going to do jerky. Very satisfied with how it’s working for us.

Butch Heth
Pile of beef jerky on table in front of bowl of beef jerky.

Whether you want a top of the line dehydrator for dog treats or something that is super affordable, these three products are all highly rated and will do the job.

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