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Best Dog Ramp for an Above Ground Pool

Puppy with tennis ball in mouth on the edge of a pool

There are several options for ramps and stairs that dogs can use to get in and out of a pool. I go over three options in this article that work well. You can also build a dog water ramp with simple materials if you are handy.

Most water ramps will work in both an in ground and above ground pool. I do have one in this list that is specifically for an above ground pool

Tip: When considering what kind of ramp, step or ladder to get it’s important to understand if it’s to be used primarily by dogs or if humans will need to use it as well. This will help you decide what to get.

What to Expect From This Article on Pool Ramps for Dogs

When researching dog ramps for swimming pools, I quickly realized that a dog water ladder or dog water steps will serve the same purpose. In this article I’m going to show you one of each – a ramp, a ladder, and steps that all work well to help your dog easily get out of the pool.

  • The ramp is the most affordable option
  • The steps work for both people and dogs
  • The ladder is or dogs and is extremely useful and highly rated, but it’s not always

Most Affordable – Skamper Ramp Escape Ramp

This dog ramp allows your dog to get in and out of the pool easily. It’s easy to install and dogs seem to learn how to use it quickly.

The ramp is also the most affordable option on this list and as of this writing is under $65 for the extra large size.

Obviously, this ramp isn’t designed for humans, but it does work great for dogs. Just make sure you get the right size for the size of dog you have.

One downside to this particular product is that it gets slippery in the water. You can see in the picture above that many owners use polypropylene rope that is woven through the holes of the ramp in order to give it some needed traction. It’s a small fix that works well.

Overall the Skamper Ramp works well for dogs and is probably the best dog ramp for an above ground pool.

How to Train Your Dog to Use the Skamper Ramp – Video

For most dogs using the Skamper Ramp is as simple as showing them how to get on it. This 30 second video shows you how.

Best for Dogs and Humans – Above Ground Swimming Pool Step

If you have an above ground pool and already have steps into the pool then you might have what you need for your dog. But if you don’t have steps, then they can be a great way for both humans AND dogs to enter and exit the pool.

These steps have a nice depth and are easy for dogs to navigate, even though they are made for humans.

They are a more expensive option and at this writing are currently just under $250.

You will need to add a pool step weight (found on Amazon) to these to keep them from floating up.

Personally, I prefer steps over a ladder. It’s easier for you and easier for your dog.

Easiest to Move – Dog Pool Ladders

These come out of the box ready to use. And are the easiest of the three options to move. This works out great if your dog uses the pool occasionally and you don’t want dog steps in the pool all the time.

They hook onto the side of your pool quickly and easily and dogs usually take to them quickly.

Here is a video of the ladder in use:

This ladder is sturdy and the price reflects that. The current price is under $250.

The Bottom Line on Dog Ramps for Above Ground Pools

What you get depends on your budget and if you want to be able to use the same system your dog does to get in and out of the pool.

All three of these options work very well for most people and more importantly most dogs. Choose the one that suits you the best.

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