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The Best 3 Indoor Dog Potties with Sides

Dog with dog pee on tile floor looking up at owner

It can be difficult for some owners to housetrain their dogs due to their busy schedules. Similarly, the people who live in apartments or homes without backyards can find it hard to manage bathroom walks. If you fall in either of these categories, indoor dog potties are nothing less than a blessing for you.

These smart tools are extremely helpful because they allow your canine to have a toilet break whenever he/she wants. In addition to that, they are also quite effective for indoor training. Some of these indoor dog potties take an extra step to ensure proper hygiene. They have built-in sides or walls that prevent the dog waste from contaminating the floor.

Key Aspects of Indoor Dog Potties

Although there are several options in the market, you need to take some things into consideration. The following are some of the most important aspects that you must check before purchasing an indoor dog potty.


scruffy dog with paw on toilet seat

This is the most critical factor when you are selecting an indoor potty tray for your pup. For this reason, you should ensure that the product you are buying can deal with the smell problem. Some dog potties can be conveniently cleaned with shower nozzles while others require proper washing. Irrespective of the cleaning mechanism, a good indoor potty tray must offer good hygiene.

If you don’t want to waste too much time, you can use disposable grass mats. They require minimal maintenance because they can simply be sent to the landfill. Alternatively, you can invest in self-cleaning dog potties that provide hands-free cleaning. Even though they can be a little expensive, these products are ideal for people with busy routines.


NEVER buy an indoor dog potty without checking the size guide. Ideally, you should have the measurements of your canine with you to get the most comfortable product. The problem of inappropriate size can be quite serious if you have a large dog. For instance, a Golden Retriever can accidentally pee outside the box if the dog potty is TOO small.


The diverse variety of indoor dog potties can be quite confusing for many dog owners. Every feature (real grass, mesh trays, etc.) is designed for a specific purpose. For instance, older dogs are more inclined towards natural grass potties while training pads are ideal for young puppies. Therefore, you must find a product with the right combination of features (for your pup) for the best possible experience.

Best Indoor Dog Potty with Sides

Dog Toilet,Indoor Dog Potty Tray – with Protection Wall Every Side for No Leak, Spill, Accident - Keep Paws Dry and Floors Clean,Pink

Are you looking for an indoor dog toilet with sides? If your answer is YES, this is the product that you need. This dog potty from Lunty (you can find it on Amazon) has a wall on every side to make sure that there is no spill. Likewise, it has a large tray capacity to prevent the urine from leaking.

In addition to that, the design of this dog potty is very easy to use and convenient to clean. You simply need to rinse it with soapy water, and your pup’s toilet is clean again. Although this product is extremely durable, it is lightweight and portable. Therefore, you can use this dog potty with sides to take your companion on a road trip.

Best Indoor Dog Potty with Walls

Dog Toilet,Indoor Dog Potty Tray – with Protection Wall Every Side for No Leak, Spill, Accident - Keep Floors Clean

Planning to purchase an indoor dog toilet and wants to find a product that offers proper hygiene? This indoor dog potty with walls is the perfect bathroom for your canine for various reasons.

Firstly, it is made from high-quality plastic that is smooth, non-toxic, and comfortable for your pet. Secondly, the fenced design is ideal to prevent the dog’s urine from splashing outwards. Last but not least, the perforated grate of this dog potty allows the pee to flow down to the pads underneath. Consequently, the paws of your pooch stay clean.

In addition to utility, the durability of this product is also quite amazing. The use of plastic makes this dog bathroom anti-aging and anti-corrosion. Likewise, the body of this dog potty is solid enough to sustain high-impact blows.   

Best Dog Potty Tray with Wall

[DogCharge] Indoor Training Dog Potty Tray – Protection Wall Cover for Male Dogs Optional – Keep Paws Dry and Floors Clean Guarantee (Blue)

Do you own a male dog who tends to make a lot of mess while urinating? This dog potty tray with a wall (found on Amazon) is something that can help you keep your home clean. The protective wall cover of this product is super easy to attach. Likewise, you can detach it easily for cleaning purposes.

The wall of this potty tray allows your pet to use the bathroom conveniently and protects your floor from accidents. The perforated grate keeps the paws of your pup fresh as the urine passes through them onto the pads. Similarly, the grate is extremely effective in preventing the puppy from tearing the potty pads. Just like the wall, this grate is also very easy to remove and clean.

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