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13 Czech Dog Commands

Woman holding up one finger to dog while holding dogs toy

Canines need the directions of their owners to learn basic manners and dog commands play an important role in this process. They offer a fun way to communicate with your little pooches and can be taught in different languages. The language you select depends on your preference and the response of your dog. In this article, we will discuss 13 Czech dog commands that can help you to train your pups.


This command can be trained by setting the dog with a treat. Simply allow your pup to smell it and slowly move the treat up. Naturally, the dog will follow the treat, but he/she won’t be able to reach it because he/she is in a sitting position. At this moment, say the word “Sedni” and give the treat to your pup.

Repeat this exercise regularly to make it a permanent part of your dog’s mannerisms. Other than making your dog ‘sit’, this command also allows the owners to prevent annoying behaviors.


Beagle laying down on a white background

You start the training of this command by making your dog smell a treat. As soon as he/she does that, you should move your hand towards the floor. Now, move your hand along the floor and make sure that the dog is following you while laying down. When he/she does that, say the command “Lehni”.  and give him/her the treat. This command is very helpful for disciplining a dog, especially at the time of eating.


For training this command, your dog should be in the sitting position. You may need to use the “Sedni” command if he/she is standing or laying down. Once he/she is in position, bring a treat close to his/her nose. Let your pup smell the treat before slowly moving your hand in the upwards direction.

 The dog will ultimately stand up as he/she tries to follow the treat. Simultaneously, say the command “Stuj” during this motion to complete the training. This exercise can help tackle several situations in which the dog is in a standing position.


Person holding up one finger to dog sitting in a field telling it to stay

For teaching this command, make sure that your dog already knows the “Sedni” command. Take a treat close to the nose of a sitting dog and give the command “Zustan”. Now, move a few steps away and let your pup wait for a little while. If he/she obliges, reward your canine companion with a treat.

Otherwise, say “Fuj” (means No) and move a few more steps away from your dog. For proper learning, this exercise should be repeated several times a day. This command is very beneficial because it teaches self-control, especially to hyperactive dogs.


To teach this Czech command, you need to put a treat onto the ground. After that, give your dog the impression that you are moving towards the treat. This will make your dog put in some uncontrolled effort to grab the treat. At this moment, you have to say the word “Fuj” to stop him/her from indulging in inappropriate behavior. This is an important command because it prevents your dog from performing something ba

K noze 

You need to use a leash for teaching this command. The primary purpose of this command is to make your dog walk directly next to you. Hold the leash in your right hand and a treat in your left hand. Now, give the command “K noze” in a clear tone as your pup is lured by the treat.

After walking a few steps, stop and use the “Sedni” command to make your dog sit. If all goes well, give the treat to your pooch as a reward.


Small terrier sitting at chain linked fence looking at the sidewalk

This command is used to stop a dog while he/she is walking towards the door or in the garden. It is an extremely important command because it prevents your canine companion from running away or going towards the road.

For teaching this command, point your fingers up and present the palm of your hand to your dog. Accompany this hand gesture with a commanding word “Čekej” to train your pup. Repeat this exercise regularly for better results.

Ke mně

You will need a collar and a leash for teaching this dog command. Stand at a specific distance from your dog and command him/her to come to you by saying “Ke mně”. Also, give a little pull to the leash for making your message even clearer. When your dog obeys your command and comes towards you, reward him/her with a treat.

Repeating this exercise daily can result in much quicker learning. This dog command can be extremely valuable because it allows you to keep your pup safe from potential troubles.


In this command, you hold the treat in a closed hand and allow your dog to smell it. However, don’t give him/her the treat (despite all the barking) and he/she will eventually decide to back off. At this very moment, open your hand and offer him/her the treat. Accompany this action with the “Dolů” command. This training is extremely handy whenever you want to get off your dog from something or somebody.


black dog taking something from persons hands

To educate this unique dog command, you will need the favorite toy (or treat) of your pet. Simply, hold it in your hand right and bring it right in front of the dog’s mouth. As soon as he/she opens the mouth to grab it, give the “Aport” command (and the toy) to your pup. This command is mostly used when you want your dog to take something up from your hand.

Nech to

Hold a treat in one of your hands and display it to your dog for a fraction of a second. Now, keep the treat in your fist and wait for the dog to drop interest. Once he seems uninterested, use the command “Nech to” and give him/her the treat as an appreciation. This command is helpful while on walks because canines can, sometimes, get into unwanted things due to their curious nature.


small black dog with a rope toy laying on carpet

Two identical dog toys are required for this training. In the beginning, give one of the toys to your dog by using the command “Aport” and let him/her play with it. Now, grasp the attention of your furry friend by calling out his/ her name and bring the other toy in front of his/her mouth. When the dog drops the first toy to grab the other, say the word “Pust” and give him/her the new toy. This essential command teaches your dog to protect his/her valuable things.

Na místo 

Hold a treat in one of your hands and the leash in the other. Prompt your pooch to go in the direction of the bed by pulling the leash and commanding the word “Na místo”. You will use the treat to lure him/her. This dog command helps to get your dog to his/her bed whenever it’s required. Continuous practice will make your pup learn this command very quickly.

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