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Help! My Blind Dog Jumps on the Couch

Boxer dog laying on grey couch with front paws hanging off of the front

Although it is entirely dependent on the owner, there are several drawbacks of allowing your canine on the furniture. This is why most owners don’t like their dog to jump on the couch. For instance, if your pup regularly sits on the couch, he/she can cause great embarrassment in front of your guests. The situation becomes even more dangerous if your blind dog jumps on the couch.

This is because he/she won’t realize that you have moved the couch and will jump (at the older place) to get on the couch. This can lead to a serious injury because the furniture has been dislocated. Fortunately, you can eliminate this bad habit of your dog, provided you have a proper plan and can exhibit consistency.

Why Dogs Jump on the Couch?

Isn’t it strange that your dog spends the entire day on your couch when he/she has a personal bed? There are many reasons why dogs jump on the couch, but the most common ones are discussed below.

Comfortable Seating

Just like humans, dogs also like to sit in a comfortable and relaxing place. The soft and fluffy couch ticks all the boxes and becomes the favorite spot of your pooch. Although the rug and bed of your dog are also quite comfortable, they can’t match the ease of the couch. Lastly, there is an ample amount of space on the couch for your dog to nestle in the corner.

Get Rewarded

Dog sitting on a couch receiving high five from owner

Some owners actually reward their dogs for being on the couch. When these dogs cuddle their owners (while being on the couch), they give treats and attention to their canine companions. In some cases, canines are allowed to enjoy their food while sitting on the couch. This builds a positive association in the mind of your pup and he/she will adopt this habit permanently.

Owner’s Smell

Dog feel secured in the presence of their owner. Consequently, they look for the signs of his/her presence when they are alone at home. According to Canine Bible, canines have an excellent memory and remember several details, like the smell and looks, of people. Many pups get onto the couch because its fabric has the scent of their owners.

Attracted to Sound

Dog cuddling with owner wrapped in blanket on a grey couch

Blind dogs have an incredibly strong sense of hearing as they examine things primarily by hearing them. Although they can’t see the couch, the sound of its movements is enough to invite them to jump on it.

Size of the Dog

Dogs of smaller breeds find it difficult to observe their surroundings. However, they are equally curious as larger dogs and want to see what’s happening around them. Therefore, they use your couch as a ladder to get a better view of things.

What Can I Do If My Blind Dog Jumps on the Couch?

Brown and white dog laying with owner on the couch

Before solving the problem of your dog jumping on the couch, you must realize that there are two different possibilities.

  1. Your dog jumps on the couch when you are home.
  2. Your dog jumps on the couch in your absence.

You must identify the exact behavior of your pup to choose (and implement) a suitable solution. The following are some tips to prevent your blind dog from jumping on the couch.

Early Enforcement

For getting the best possible results, it’s always recommended to start the training early. For instance, start feeding your furry friend on the floor or his/her bed when he/she is a little puppy. This will build a strong habit in your dog to get food and treats on the floor. Even if you want to show pat him/her, do that while he/she is sitting on the floor.

Reward the Desired Behavior

Person kneeling giving a dog a treat

Rewards and treats are an important part of dog training. If you want your pooch to follow your command effectively, you will need to influence him/her with treats. Just make sure that your pup is still on the floor as you are rewarding him/her. 

Invite Your Dog to the Couch

This sort of training requires a lot of practice and time to be effective. It is much more difficult than teaching your dog not to climb on the furniture. You will have to teach both “up” and “off” commands and will need plenty of treats.

Likewise, you may also need to leash your dog while training him/her to come off the couch. This is because most dogs are very reluctant to get ‘off’ the sofa, even if you lure them with treats.

Use a Noisy Mat

Dogs that are dodgier than average canines require alternate ways of teaching. Using a Noisy Mat can be an excellent method to train such pups. They will repel the dog by emitting an unpleasant sound whenever he/she tries to get on the sofa. It may take some time, but your pooch will ultimately give up on the idea of jumping on the couch.

Ensure Consistency

It is very important to stick to the same pattern of life that you want your dog to follow. Many owners make the mistake of becoming careless in the training and give free will to their dogs. This will spoil all the efforts that you have done in the past to make your dog disciplined. Therefore, consistency is the key to success if you want your pup to follow his/her routine, sternly

Watch the following video to see how a blind dog jumps on the couch.

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