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Help! My Neighbor’s Dog is Barking All Day

Beagle barking through cyclone fence

As an admittedly prolific animal lover, I know the endless amount of sheer joy that our dogs bring to our day to day lives. However, one man’s joy is another man’s annoyance. It is one thing to deal with our own pets, but being forced to deal with the actions of other people’s pets is not exactly good times to be had. Dogs bark. It’s what they do. And, within limits, most people are able and willing to accept that fact. But, having a neighbor’s dog barking all day long can become a nuisance rather quickly. Here is how to deal with the neighbors dog constantly barking all day.

Address the Issue – In Person

If it hasn’t been done already, make contact with your neighbor and address the issue in person. Introduce yourself, and try to explain the problem in a non-confrontational way. Keep the conversation friendly and try not to get defensive. There could be several reasons for the barking problem, and your neighbor might not even be aware of the dog’s incessant barking (He or she may be at work or away from the home throughout the day).

Try to Form a New Furry Friendship

Woman playing with beagle outdoors in the grass

Sometimes it can be as simple as two strangers taking the time to get to know one another. You have already, hopefully, formed some sort of relationship with your neighbors, maybe now it’s time to try bonding with the dog in question. If he gets himself familiar with you, your scent, and overall mannerisms, he might be less inclined to bark at you, or at your day to day activities.

Make a Last-Ditch Effort to Avoid Interaction

Privacy fence around yard with large rocks surrounding the bottom

If you don’t necessarily consider yourself eager to be friends with your neighbors’ dog then looking for solutions to avoid any kind of interaction may be the answer. If the dog has a clear view of your yard – consider building a privacy fence, if he tries to interact with you – ignore it. As with most of us, what is out of sight is generally out of mind. Once he sees that he will not get a reaction or attention, he will probably move onto other things.

Write a Letter

Older man writing a letter with pen and paper

Although most neighborhood pet parents will be amenable to your very reasonable request, there might be a need for secondary, more formal contact. Writing a nice but professional-sounding letter might better get your point across. You could also include some research on safe ways to curb barking, such as using something like the Ultrasonic Bark Controller Device (found on Amazon and is effective and pain-free!), but try not to sound condescending. Try to be as friendly as possible but also firm. Make it clear that though you do not want to take a more serious route, you are more than prepared to do so should the barking persist.

Contact the Proper Authorities

Animal control van parked in a parking lot

The majority of cities, towns, and municipalities have noise regulations, if yours does, elevating it to the next level would be contacting the police. Be sure to have records of previous incidents and any attempts at mediation. The dogs’ owner may get a warning or citation. If you are not quite ready to call the law, contacting the neighbors’ landlord could also be a valid option. Most landlords take excessive noise complaints seriously.

Just a Few Things to Keep In Mind

Barking dogs could drive anyone crazy, especially one that does so all day long. It can be very easy to overreact to but some things should be taken into consideration:

  • Dogs are dogs. They bark. Some bark a lot. But, remember that the dog is not doing it out of spite. Sometimes the solution will be as simple as taking the time to determine the reason behind the barking episodes.
  • Escalation should be a last resort. Unless you are planning on moving soon, you still have to live near, and likely interact with these neighbors. Once you escalate the situation, you can’t undo it.
  • Be prepared for the end result. Once you have escalated the incident and the proper authorities have been notified, the dog will now have a record (for lack of a better word). If the barking continues, your neighbors could get into trouble with their landlord or have their pet removed.

You have every right to live peacefully in your home. But, for the sake of your own sanity, be reasonable. It is not in a dogs’ nature to be quiet, it is how they communicate to and alert their owners. They are merely doing what they feel that they are supposed to be doing. There is always a middle ground and a compromise to be made. Approaching the issue with grace and respect is the only way to go about it.

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