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Help! My Neighbor’s Dog is Barking at Night

German Shepherd barking over a gate

Most dogs are loving companions, but some of them love to bark, especially at night. It can be extremely frustrating if your neighbor’s dog keeps barking at night, even for the most passionate dog lover. Continue reading to know about the different causes and possible solutions to this problem.

Why Do Dogs Bark at Night?

According to AKC, barking at night is dependent on the dog as well as the happenings around him/her. For instance, outdoor pups bark the most during the night because of their surroundings. The following are some causes that can explain dog barking at night.


Dog sitting on bench looking out of window

Dogs have an extremely powerful hearing sense and can hear sounds which we can’t even notice. Being territorial creatures, they want to protect their home (and family) from all kinds of danger. Therefore, if a canine sees or hears any strange sound or noise, he/she may become anxious. In that case, he/she will start barking to alert the owner.

However, barking at night is not always a sign of warning. Pet Safe explains that sometimes pups bark just to express their stress.

Boredom or Loneliness

Canines are social animals and can feel bored if they are left alone for long spells. This becomes particularly true if a dog is left outside at night and have nothing to do. In these situations, the dog is quite likely to develop the habit of barking or howling at night. He/she may bark to release their extra energy or to gain the attention of the owner.

Health Issues

lonely Dog looking over back of couch

Any kind of physical discomfort, like stomach pain or an infection, can make your dog bark at night. Generally, older dogs are more prone to these problems because of their deteriorating health. For instance, dementia is quite common among senior dogs. This leads to cognitive decline which, in turn, results in negative barking.

What Can You Do If Your Neighbor’s Dog is Barking at Night?

It is never easy to prevent your neighbor’s dog from barking because you don’t know the exact problem. Some of the solutions that might help you whenever your neighbor’s dog is barking at night are as follows.

Talk to Your Neighbor (Address the Issue to Your Neighbor)

Neighbors talking over a picket fence

The best approach to solve this situation is a face-to-face discussion with your neighbor. Calmly explain your point about the barking habits of his/her dog and how it is affecting you. This discussion is important because it’s possible that the owner is aware of the problem and is already working on it.

Contrastingly, a novice owner may not even know how to manage the barking habit. If that’s the case, The Dogington Post suggests the following useful suggestions.

Dog Needs a Health Check-Up – The dog may bark at night due to some illness, such as dementia or an infection. Therefore, you can advise your neighbor to take his/her dog to a vet for a detailed examination (and treatment).

Control the Excessive Energy – If your neighbor is unable to provide sufficient exercise to his/her dog (due to a busy schedule), suggest him/her to get some interactive toys. For example, brain-games, like treat puzzles, can be a great addition to the dog’s routine. This is because they are very beneficial for mental as well as physical health.

Overcome the Boredom – If your neighbor’s dog is barking at night due to boredom, you can ask him/her to provide some entertainment. Providing some toys near the pup’s bed can be an excellent alternative to distract him/her from barking.

Use Ultrasonic Trainers or Dog WhistleThis device emits specific frequencies (similar to dog whistles) that can only be heard by a dog. These freestanding devices are triggered by noise or vibration and are activated whenever a dog barks. As a result, they distract your neighbor’s dog from barking at night.

Block the Dog’s View and Make Friends

privacy fence being built

If your neighbor’s dog is barking at night because he/she sees (or hears) you, blocking the view is a suitable solution. You can either put up a barrier screen or plant trees between both houses to achieve this goal.

If this idea fails, you can always use the recipe of kindness. Try to develop a relationship of friendship with your neighbor’s dog by providing him/her some food. Make sure to seek the permission of the owner before feeding anything to the dog. When the dog will start trusting you, he/she won’t bark on seeing you.

Contact the Authorities (File a Noise Complaint)  

2 uniformed police officers in front of a patrol car

This option should only be used when everything else fails and your neighbor is not giving any positive response to your requests. Noisy dogs habitually violate the terms and conditions of local laws of communities. Your case will be particularly strong if your neighbor’s dog is barking at night. This is because it disturbs the peace and sleep of other people.

Initially, only a warning is given in such complaints. However, if the barking continues, you can take your neighbor to court for justice.

Neighbors Dog Barking at 4 AM

Dog laying next to an alarm clock on a white background

If your neighbor’s dog is barking at 4 am, it’s highly likely that something is wrong with him/her. Waking up early is a clear indication of discomfort and it can be caused by several different factors. For instance, infections, local cats fighting, or even the early morning shifting of neighbors can lead to barking. Try to find the exact cause and then use any of the suitable solutions to enjoy some peaceful sleep.

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