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How Much is it to Train a Dog?

Chihuahua laying on its back on a pile of money

There is no definite answer to this question because the cost to train a dog depends on several factors. For example, your living area and the type of training you select can cause massive variations in the overall cost.

Generally, the cost of basic obedience dog training is almost the same. However, it’s the cost of the advanced training that makes the difference, especially for belligerent pets. Read on to know about the costs of different dog trainings to find out what suits you the most.

Cost of Gear to Train a Dog

If you want to train your dog at home, you will need to purchase some tools. The Dog Central mentions that you will need these basic supplies whether you train your pup yourself or use a trainer. Below is a list of some things that are required to train your pup.

  • Treats – They are very useful for getting your dog’s attention, especially when you are trying to teach him/her training commands. Normally, training treats (paid link) costs you $4 or more per packet. However, the exact cost of these dog treats will depend on the product you select.
  • Clicker – This inexpensive tool is recommended by many professional dog trainers because it makes your life a lot easier. Ideally, you should always use the clicker (paid link) that doesn’t cost more than 4 dollars.
  • Leash – Selecting a 4-6 feet long leash (paid link) is more feasible for training your pooch. The cost of a basic leash ranges from $5 to $20, depending on the size of your dog.
  • Collar – A dog collar offers you much better control over your canine companion. A suitable collar size will differ for different sizes of dogs. Therefore, the expected cost of good collars (paid link) goes from $7 to $20 (even more in some cases).
  • Harness – According to many dog trainers, a harness (paid link) is an excellent alternative to a collar, especially for small pups. This product usually costs between $10 and $50.
  • Dog Training Mat – This tool can be extremely effective if your pooch is going to a group class. It gives your dog a “home base” and is easy to transport. The cost of this portable mat (paid link) may vary, but it is recommended to not spend more than $30 on it.

Cost of Professional Dog Training

Owners lined up side by side with their dogs on leashes in a grass yard

When we talk about the cost to train a dog, we must consider the different types of professional dog trainings. Rover explains that there are three main classes of professional dog training. A detailed description of each one of them (with cost details) is given below.

Private Classes

In these classes, you have to work with the trainer on your dog’s learning skills. Being a part of the training, you are also familiarized with the commands to which your dog responds. Typically, private training is considered more suitable for those dogs who have behavioral issues.

The cost of private classes depends upon the trainer’s fee and the tools that are used for training. On average, the cost of private lessons ranges from $45 to $120.

Group Classes

These classes are conducted in groups and can be feasible for different kinds of purposes. For example, they are ideal for simple puppy training and compliance classes for adult dogs. This type of training helps your dog to learn new tricks and control his/her aggression, simultaneously. These classes can also help your dog to socialize with other people and dogs.

Group trainings are usually less costly than private classes. According to K9 of Mine, the basic group training of 6 weeks can be around $119. In the case of aggressive and difficult dogs, the cost can jump up to $200 to $300.

Board and Train

Woman in a tall grass field with several dogs, training them.

This type of professional training is specially designed for those dog owners who have a hectic routine. In these programs, you have to drop your dog at the boarding for a day or some weeks. The duration of this training will depend upon your pup’s ability to learn and adopt good habits.

The cost of 2 weeks of boarding and training begins at around $900. Similarly, a doggy boot day camp can cost around $45-$75. However, these prices may vary as per the facilities provided by the boarding.

Cost of Service Dog Training

On average, the service dog training costs around $120 per hour. However, some non-profit organizations also train the dogs for free. Service dogs are trained to help people in different tasks, like herding and search-and-rescue operations. Home Guide has summarized the costs of service dog trainings and some of them are mentioned below.

Cost to Train a Hearing Dog

In this training, a dog is trained to identify certain sounds (like alarms and crying children) and alert the impaired owner. Generally, this training costs around $1,000 but you can also get it for free by finding a volunteer or sponsorship.

Cost to Train a Therapy Dog

Chocolate lab wearing a therapy dog vest laying on the floor

A therapy dog reads the discomfort level of humans and provides relief or support to them. These canines are generally used in hospitals or children’s homes to pacify distressed people. This type of service dog training costs about $30 per session.

Cost to Train a Protection Dog

Protection dogs are used to protect people in case of an attack on their property or themselves. These pups are trained to apprehend the intruders verbally as well as physically. On average, protection dog training costs $120 per hour.

Cost to Train a Search-and-Rescue Dog

On average, it takes about 600 hours to train a search-and-rescue dog. Dogs trained for these skills are often used in military forces for tracking and rescue purposes. This is one of the most expensive service dog trainings and costs from $2,500 to $5,000 for a basic course. A detailed course of this training can cost up to $15,000-$20,000.

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