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How to Teach a Puppy to Roll Over

Weimaraner puppy rolling over in the grass

Teaching dogs different tricks can be helpful for you and your dog as it helps to keep your dog active and it also helps in creating a profound bond. A simple “roll over” is a cute trick you can teach your dog in a few simple steps. Keep reading to know the right age for your puppy to roll over and learn an easy method to teach them.

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What Age Can You Teach a Puppy to Roll Over?

There is something you should make sure of before you teach your dog this trick. Your dog must be able to take commands such as “sit” and “lie.” Usually, dogs can learn such simple tasks at a very young age (around 8 to 10 weeks.)After your dog is good at taking such simple commands, you can easily teach your dog the roll over trick.

The most appropriate age to teach a dog this trick is around 8 weeks. However, the learning process is different for different breeds. Some breeds are smart and quick learners, such as the Poodle, Doberman, etc. At the same time, some breeds, such as the Basset hound, are not very smart.

Don’t feel demotivated if your dog isn’t learning tricks as quickly as the next-door dog. It takes time and patience. There are a few things you must keep in mind while teaching your dog the roll over trick.

Never Punish Your Dog For Learning Slow

Scruffy dog laying on its back in the grass

We often see some owners treating their dogs harshly for not learning tricks quickly. We do not recommend such behavior as it will put your dog under stress. The poor creature will feel depressed for days. Dogs are very sensitive creatures, so one should always be careful while dealing with dogs. 

Treat Your Dog and Praise the Effort

Dogs crave attention and love from their owners. Several studies show that dogs perform better when appraised rather than subjugated to fear and punishment. After all, dogs love genuine praise. Treat your dog with snacks and praise, as it will be a motivating factor for your dog, and it will perform at its best capabilities.

Patience is the Key

Golden retriever laying on its back in the grass

Working with patience and taking your time is very important. As mentioned before, different dogs learn with different learning patterns; thus, the duration is different for each breed. Many dogs are prideful and do not wish to expose their most vulnerable body part (i.e., their bellies) even to their owners, and it takes a lot of time for the owner to build trust.

Treat them with snacks and praise them after finishing the practice sessions. Remember that puppies have a small attention span so keep your training session short. It should be around 10-15 minutes long.

NOTE: Always finish the training session on a positive note. Ensure the training session is not too long, as it may annoy your pup.

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What is the Easiest Way to Teach a Dog to Roll Over?

close up of a long haired small dog laying on its back

Now that we know the standard procedure of the training regime, one can easily train their dog by following just a few simple steps. Before we discuss these steps, ensure you have lots of treats in your hand. But make sure you don’t spoil your dog by giving too many treats!

Try to practice on a cozy and soft surface, as it will help your dog stay comfortable during the training session. Now that everything is in order, you start focusing on these few simple steps.

Teach Your Dog to Lie Down on Command

The first step is quite easy. You should command your dog to go into a lying position. You must command it to “lie down” or “lay” and treat it with praise and a good snack if the dog follows orders perfectly.

To ensure that the dog follows commands without the reward, repeat this step and stop the treats after some time.

Make Your Dog Chase the Treat

Australian shepherd puppy receiving a treat against a white background

The second step is crucial, as you must ensure your dog lies on its side. For this step, first, command your dog to “lie down.” Bring the treat close to your dog’s nose and then to its side. Slowly move it to the side of the head. Eventually, move the treat towards the shoulder.

Your dog will end up on its side. As it does, treat it with snacks and repeat this step to practice a lot.

Let the Dog Roll Over to Get the Trick

Once the dog is lying on the side, bring the treat from its shoulder toward its backbone. Hopefully, the dog will roll on its back and move to its other side. As it is lying on its other side, treat it with snacks and add the command “roll over.”

Keep repeating this step until the dog can get used to the command and doesn’t require treats to perform the trick. Congratulations! You have successfully taught your dog the “roll over” trick once it is accustomed to the command and doesn’t require treats to perform it.

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What If Your Dog Isn’t Completing a Full Roll Over?

Brown and white pit terrier mix laying on its back in grass

Always keep an enthusiastic and positive approach toward your dog. Dogs don’t take punishment well, and it will only make things worse. Even if your dog isn’t performing well, treat it well and praise it with lots of encouragement.

If your dog isn’t performing well, then it is likely that you are taking things a bit fast. Try to slow down and go through these steps one at a time. It would be best if you didn’t move on to the next step until you thoroughly completed the previous one.

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