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How To Train A Puppy On A Pee Pad

portrait of a brown puppy looking over its shoulder at the camera

Busy schedules demand good solutions. One of the difficult aspects of pet ownership is balancing training a new puppy with your work schedule. It can be difficult to do since everyone in the family has so many activities to go to every day.

That is where a peed pad comes in. These pee pads fit in with your busy schedule and help your new puppy know where to go to the bathroom. However, you need to train your puppy to use one, and the first step is to find an absorbent pad.

Then every time you change the pad, place it in the same spot. Then let your puppy sniff it out, so they know it is okay. There are more steps to follow.

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How Do You Train A Puppy To Use A Litter Pad?

When you decide to use pee pads as a potty training tool, there are two kinds to choose between. The first kind is disposable, which is handy as when it is full, you just throw it away and replace it with a clean one.

The second option is the reusable pad which can be washed up to 100 times before needing to be replaced. The second step in training your puppy to use the pee pad is to select the best location for it.

This location should be on a wipeable flooring material and not on carpet or rugs. Plus, it should be a long-term home, as moving the pad will confuse your puppy.

After you have selected the location for the pee pad, introduce your dog to the pad. You should bring them to the pad when they wake up, after eating, after playing, and about every two hours.

This will give them the idea that spot and pad are where they are to go to the bathroom. Once they use the pad correctly, reward them with praise. That will build confidence in your puppy and reinforce in their minds this is their bathroom spot.

When your puppy has an accident, don’t use negative tactics to train them. Be stern and firm but do not try to scare your puppy. When they have an accident, make sure to clean the spot thoroughly, so your puppy does not return to it and pee at the same spot again.

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How Do I Attract My Dog To a Pee Pad?

Orange and white puppy sleeping on a white pee pad on shag carpet

When you first unpackage the pee pad, your puppy may already be curious about it. Let him or her investigate the pad and let them know it is a safe space for them to be.

Most often, you will have to keep an eye on your puppy, and when you figure they are getting ready to pee, etc., pick them up and place them on the pad. Then use the command ‘go potty’. This will help teach your dog where they need to go potty.

But you may get too busy with something else to do around the house, and that may make it difficult for you to monitor their activities. Don’t worry; there are different aids you can use to help attract your puppy to the pee pad.

One such aid would be a potty training spray. You just spray it on the peed pad or wherever you want them to pee and let the scent attract your puppy to the pad. Or you can buy those pee pads that come with a scent.

Those odors help encourage your puppy to use the pad instead of the floor. Check at your pet store for the products you need to help train your puppy to go on a pee pad.

Some Tips To Help You Train Your Puppy

Beagle puppy sniffing a pee pad on hardwood floors

1. Make sure to feed your dog on schedule to help you time their bathroom breaks.

2. Don’t let your puppy play on, eat on, chew, or pull the pee pad. Its function is for the puppy to go to the bathroom, and it is not a playmate.

3. Don’t move the pad around your home. Pick one spot and stick with it. If it is possible, place it near the door to facilitate training your puppy to go outside.

4. If your puppy is not making it to the pee pad in time, it is probably located too far away from where they are at. Move it a little closer to give your puppy a fighting chance to make it on time.

5. If your puppy is constantly urinating, then talk to your vet. There may be a health problem involved.

Some Final Words

Blue pee pad on hardwood floors

Pee pads are an excellent potty training tool, especially when you have a busy schedule. Just make sure to pick the ones that will work with your lifestyle the best. Washable options can be the best option.

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