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How To Train Your Puppy to Walk on A Leash

brown and white spotted puppy on a leash standing in grass

Going for a walk is natural. Dogs love going for a walk, and it is natural to want to put them on a leash, so they do not run away from you. What isn’t natural is the dog’s ability to walk when placed on a leash.

This is something that you have to train your dog to like and how to behave when on a leash. It doesn’t take long for the training if you do it right. Once you do, going for a walk should be a breeze.

Once they see the leash, your dog should jump right up and be ready to go. They may beat you out the door if you are not fast enough.

What Age Should You Start Leash Training a Puppy?

Most experts state that a dog is ready to be leashed trained at the same time you bring him or her home. That is at about age 7 to 8 weeks of age. Puppies are big enough at that age to learn how to walk on a leash.

However, before you rush to get that leash on your puppy and get them outside, the training should start indoors. If you want to take them for a walk outside, you should wait till your new puppy has had its full set of vaccinations.

The chances of meeting an unvaccinated dog or some diseased wildlife may be minimal so if you can’t wait, make sure to walk them in safe areas outside. Keep in mind that dogs do not come with the knowledge of how to walk on a leash. They need training for that as well.

How Do You Teach Your Puppy to Walk on A Leash?

Man squatting in front  of  Golden Retriever with treats in his hand and showing a dog a leash.

According to the AKC, there are several steps you should take before you take your dog outside. The first step will be to let your dog get used to the leash and collar.

Slip them on your pet for short periods of time in the house. Then let them walk around with those items on or play with them at that time. Give your puppy a treat or two to show them that the leash is for fun, etc.

Step two is to teach your dog a cue. If you are rewarding them with treats pick a good cue that lets your puppy know that a treat is coming.

Step three has you teaching him to come to you. Put the leash and collar on your pet then back up a few steps and call them. When your dog comes, reward them with a treat.

Step four is to start the training inside and then once they are comfortable with their leash and collar, take them outside and reinforce their training.

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What Is the Easiest Way to Leash Train A Puppy?

Woman on a sidewalk with a white puppy on a leash and the puppy is sitting down

The easiest way that we found was to put the leash and collar on our dog. Then we would walk to the end of the leash, holding the loop. After that, we crouched down and held our arms open.

Once our dog saw our arms open for a hug, he ran right into our arms. We did this from our apartment down to the mailbox and back. It was the easiest training session we ever had.

That is a story from someone’s personal experience, and it seems to be the best way to train your puppy. Once they learn that being on the leash is safe and fun, you may have a hard time calming them down enough to put the leash on their collar.

It doesn’t take much to train a dog and you do not need to punish them with hits if they do something wrong. Positive reinforcement works wonders even when they lunge or do other common leash bad habits.

How Long Does It Take to Train a Puppy to Walk on A Lead?

Fuzzy white puppy on a red leash outdoors

From that personal experience above, it took less than one hour to leash train the dog. In other words, when you do it right, the dog will be trained before you know it.

After they are trained, you will be amazed at their excitement once your dog sees the leash come out. But you won’t get this positive reaction from your pet if you use negative punishment options to train your dog.

They may become afraid of the leash and refuse to go for a walk. When it comes to training dogs, kindness and patience go a long way.

Some Final Words

Jack Russell Terrier puppy on a leash with a person standing behind it in a park.

Training a dog can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. Just seeing their happiness when they realize that a leash and collar are a good thing is reward enough.

A happy dog is a good dog, and it will obey a lot better when they are treated right. Use positive reinforcement instead of physical punishment to get your dog trained. You will find it takes less time to do the training when you opt for the right methods.

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