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What to Put in a Puppy Crate at Night?

Brown puppy laying in an open dog crate

Your dog should see the kennel as a secure sanctuary that equates comfort, nurturing, and enjoyment. Therefore, it’s necessary to place familiar things, like toys and your shirt, inside the crate to keep your pooch calm and comfortable. Keep reading to know what you should put in your puppy crate at night.

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What to Put in a Crate at Night?

In general, it’s ideal for your dog to have a comfortable surface to lay down on when sleeping in its cage. The precise nature of that item will depend on your dog. The chewing patterns and your success with toilet training are a couple of important factors in this regard. Similarly, some dogs like less padding, while others want to smuggle themselves into a nest of their bedding.

If you put anything in with young puppies, it should ideally be both chew-proof and waterproof. Another good advantage is that the item is simple to wash. The waterproof feature is ideally not necessary for mature dogs, and neither is the chew-proof feature. However, some “grown” dogs unavoidably behave more adolescent-likely than others.

Place the toy inside the crate with your puppy when it’s time to confine him/her at night. This will allow the furry companion to cuddle up with it. The toy can also be used to replicate the heartbeat and soothing sensation of your puppy’s mother. This may aid in erasing problems long enough to allow for sleep.

Where To Put My Puppy Crate at Night?

Close up of a small puppy in a dog crate

The answers to the following questions will determine where you put your puppy’s crate.

  • Does your puppy experience tension or anxiety at night while they are crated in a different room?
  • Or does your dog become agitated at the smallest sound or movement nearby throughout the night?

You don’t want your new dog to start whining because they feel lonely and are in misery. While they used to sleep in close quarters with their littermates, their entire environment drastically changed; they are now sleeping in a box, on their own. They may feel safer if their crate is in or close to your bedroom.

On the other hand, if there is a lot of movement or activity in the room, your puppy may wake up throughout the night. Consider putting their kennel in a serene area or a different, less busy room. A fan or sound machine can be used to help drown out any noises that might wake your puppy up at night if you want to keep their box close to where you sleep.

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Should You Close a Puppy Crate at Night?

Fuzzy white puppy  with a black patch around its eye in a dog crate

If you decide to housebreak your dog, he should spend the night in his kennel with the door closed. Your dog views the setup of his crate as a secure and welcoming space. Dogs use the crate as their den. Your dog needs to feel safe, secure, and comfortable while spending the night in his crate.

Your dog will sleep comfortably in a heated bed. If your dog experiences separation anxiety, placing him in a locked crate next to the owner’s bed will make him/her happier. Dogs regularly prefer to go for a nighttime stroll. You will wake up if you are a light sleeper because of it. You’ll enjoy a restful night’s sleep if your dog is securely restrained in his crate.

Being enclosed in a cage makes it much simpler to rescue your dog in an emergency, such as a fire or natural disaster. A scared dog will run away, making it very hard to track him down and catch him. If your pet is securely enclosed in his lockable crate, he will be less likely to become anxious.

Before locking your dog in his crate, you should always make sure he has received thorough crate training. Your dog should be used to spending greater lengths of time in his crate with the door closed while you are around to observe him before you cage your pet overnight.

Should I Leave Water in Puppy Crate at Night?

Overhead view of a metal water bowl on a wooden surface

In general, especially if your dog is a puppy, you shouldn’t keep water in its crate overnight. Crate-watering your dog at night while you are “potty training” him/her will probably increase the likelihood of accidents. Puppies can easily and swiftly fill their bladders. Your pet will feel uncomfortable, and the crate will become dirty.

Adult dogs in good health do not need water in their crates at night either. They should be able to survive the night if they have access to clean, fresh water during the day. The only time you would need to give your adult dog crate water is if it was in the crate for more than 4 hours straight during the day. Water can be left in the crate, as long as your pet is healthy and housebroken.

Should I leave Food in Puppy Crate at Night?

Brindle colored puppy sitting next to a dog crate

Food shouldn’t be kept in the crate since it can cause your dog to have an accident there. Maintaining his schedule is your job if he has one. Put your puppy on a morning and night routine, or a schedule that works with your at-home time, after he is bigger and able to spend most of the day in a crate. As a result, it is simpler for you to manage bowel movements, and you can stop worrying about your dog in the middle of the day.

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