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Can You Use Human Lice Shampoo On Dogs For Fleas?

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The quick answer to the question, “Can you use human lice shampoo on dogs for fleas” is no. You can’t. Human lice shampoos aren’t meant for fleas and aren’t safe for dogs.

Just don’t do it.

You don’t even want to use human lice shampoo on dogs with lice because it won’t work (and it’s still not safe for dogs).

Breeds of lice are species specific. Dog lice don’t infest humans and human lice don’t infest dogs. In other words, you can’t get lice from your dog and your dog can’t get lice from you. That’s because lice have claws that are specific to each species.

However, if your dog has fleas, lice, or mites there are ways to get rid of them.

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Dogs can get lice, but modern pets don’t get lice very often because monthly flea and tick preventatives also work against lice.

If your dog does get lice, the creatures can be hard to get rid of. The most common places for dogs to get lice are dog parks, boarding kennels, dog shows, and doggy daycares.

Can Lice Shampoo Work with Dogs?

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If you’re looking to treat lice on dogs then you don’t need a lice specific shampoo. You can use some flea shampoos to kill lice.

According to the AKC, you want to look for the ingredient permethrin, which is effective against lice.

It’s important to remember that insecticides that WILL work on flea eggs DON’T work on lice eggs. So you will need to follow up with treatments as the eggs hatch. Lice take multiple treatments to get rid of completely.

Lice do spread from dog to dog. If you have multiple dogs in your house, then make sure you treat them all or you could end up with a reinfestation. Of course, nobody wants a reinfestation.

Also be sure to watch bedding, dog clothing, collars, and leashes in HOT water. Replace dog grooming tools if you have a lice infestation.

Can I Use Lice Shampoo on My Dogs for Mites?

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Occasionally dogs will get infested with mites. This is a condition that’s known as mange. Most of the time it’s treated with anti parasitic agents.

You should not use the same type of shampoo that you use for lice on dogs that have mites. These are different problems and require different solutions.

If you suspect that your dog has mange you should consult with your veterinarian as this condition can be serious.

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The Bottom Line on Using Human Lice Shampoo for Dogs

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Human lice shampoo should never be used on dogs. It isn’t safe for dogs.

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