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Diatomaceous Earth for Ticks on Dogs

Golden retriever laying down with a person spreading their fur looking for fleas

This is normal when you are using a new product, no matter where you use it and which product it is. Many people have not heard of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or how to use it properly.

It can be a very effective tick killer in the right hands and with the right application. The key is to read the instructions carefully and then follow those instructions to the letter.

The good news about DE is that it is not toxic to animals. But you only want the food-grade version near your dogs and cats, or you may have some problems. Keep reading to find out more.

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Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Ticks?

Harris brand Diatomaceous earth in a bottle on a counter

The best answer that can be given is, yes, it does kill ticks. There is no sense beating around the bush as DE is very effective at killing those creatures… given enough time.

That is one of the drawbacks to using this powerful flea and tick killer. It needs time to kill off those creatures. What helps DE overcome this drawback is that it is very thorough when applied correctly and given that time.

There is more good news, this product is naturally occurring so the supply of DE will last for some time yet. Besides ticks, it kills a whole range of insects and crawling creatures.

This is not a one-note killing machine but a product that makes sure your pets are safe from infestation. Plus, it is all natural, so you are not exposing your pets, vegetation, or children to any harmful chemicals.

How Long Does It Take for Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Ticks?

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This is not an instant killer. You may be used to those chemical-laden commercial products that kill fleas upon contact. If you are in a hurry and do not mind using chemicals, then these products are good to use.

When you do not like using those chemical-laden products, then DE is a great alternative. It is slow but very effective. The good news is that you can place the food-grade version directly on your dog to give him or her relief.

Once applied, DE takes roughly 12 hours to kill ticks. This is a rough estimate but generally, this time frame is correct. In some cases, it is recommended to leave DE on your pets for a minimum of 3 days and up to a few weeks. This time frame is to make sure all the ticks are killed.

It is not a product you can just place on your pet, floor, carpet, and so on, then wash away. If you do that, you are just wasting your time and money. Eventually, you will have to bathe your dog but not for 72 hours at least.

This is why you do not put DE on your lawn or garden when the forecast calls for rain. The rain will wash the DE away.

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How To Use Diatomaceous Earth for Ticks

Person squeezing powder from a bottle into an open hand against a grey background

There are two ways to apply DE. The first is as a powder and it comes in powder form. You just buy a bag of DE and read the instructions. Those directions will tell you how to spread it around your lawn and garden.

You can dust those rat or mouse nests, your plants, grass, walkways, and more. This is a very natural product that does not cause any harm to anyone except to those creatures that bother your dog.

Also, the food-grade powder can be placed directly on your dog’s fur. But make sure to massage it all the way down to their skin. That is where the ticks will be. Then you just leave it and let the product do its work.

The second way is to dissolve it in water and apply it liberally to your outdoor areas where you have a tick problem. The packages should give you complete instructions on how to do this.

The key to using DE is to make sure you use the food-grade version. All other varieties will be harmful to your pet if your pet consumes them.

Some Final Words

Brown dog standing on a dock with one paw in a person's open hand

DE is a great, natural tick-killing machine. It may be slow, but it does its job very well. Plus, it will kill all forms of tick life stages. You shouldn’t be seeing more ticks once you wash the powder off your pets or furniture, etc.

Just use the right method for your situation and make sure to follow all the instructions carefully. This product will kill all ticks it comes in contact with.

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