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Do Fleas Get Under Dogs’ Skin

Close up of a dogs skin with a hotspot

Where Are the Fleas

There may be many rumors or old wives’ tales that say that fleas live in weird locations on your pet. Do not believe them as fleas are not that weird of a creature. They may spread disease and cause your pet to be uncomfortable, but they are not weird.

Where do fleas and their eggs live when on your pet? Just continue to read our article. It has the answers to those questions and more. Take a few minutes to dispel the myths and rumors and get all the facts about fleas and where they live.

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Can Fleas Live Inside a Dog?

Jack Russell Terrier lying on a bed with its head tilted to one side.

There is some good news in your battle against fleas. They do not burrow under your pet’s skin and live there for a long time. Despite what you have heard, fleas are surface creatures only and do not hide under your pet’s skin.

They may get under your skin because you may have had a hard time getting rid of your pet’s fleas, but that is only frustration and not actual living conditions. Try the many different remedies that are available today to see which one will work for your dog or cat.

You are not limited to just one remedy. Try a few different ones as fleas like to hide in deep, dark places where some remedies can’t reach. Also, giving your pet an edible anti-flea medication is probably the best way to combat those fleas when you have a busy schedule.

Or you can comb those fleas out with ease if you have the time. Pick the right remedy for your home and schedule and make sure to clean up your carpets, bedding, and clothing to make sure no flea gets to live too long.

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Do Fleas Lay Eggs Under the Skin?

Gloved hand showing an irritated spot on a dogs skin

This is another rumor or myth you can dispense with. Fleas do not burrow under your pet’s skin so they cannot lay eggs under it either. There is no mechanism in the flea’s body that allows them to burrow, even if it is a short hole to lay eggs.

All flea eggs are laid on top of the skin. There is some good and bad news about those egg-laying processes. The good news is that those eggs are not sticky, and fleas do not add any compound to keep the eggs where they laid them.

That means that those eggs roll off your dog fairly quickly. That leads us to the bad news. Those eggs can land anywhere. With them being a white or clear color, it is almost impossible to see where they land. They are also very tiny as well.

That tells you that you have to be extra careful during cleaning time in order to pick up all those eggs no matter where they lie. A little extra vacuuming can get rid of those unseen eggs very easily and quickly.

Spread a little salt or baking soda over those areas you are going to vacuum and wait 24 hours before vacuuming. Those fleas will be dead as will their eggs.

What Insects Can Burrow Under Your Dog’s Skin?

Butt of a dog with irritated, bald skin

While fleas can’t burro, there are different insects that can. Mites, called the Sarcoptes scabies mite, do burrow under your dog’s skin and can cause different health issues for your pet.

The biggest issue you may see with your dog is hair loss and scabies. Treatment would require medicated shampoos or other medicines to get rid of those mites. Botflies or maggots, or cuterebraare two other insects that do get under your dog’s skin.

If you suspect your pet has contracted these insects, talk to your vet to get the right treatment for this problem. To protect your pet, make sure to apply anti-flea and other insect products in their home, bedding, and around your home as well.

You can never be too careful when your treasured pet is the potential victim.

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Some Final Words

Dog with its pay in its owner's hand with its head resting on the owner's hip

Taking care of myths and getting rid of rumors help you find the right solution to protecting your dog from fleas. Fleas are surface creatures, and you can get rid of them through different remedies including a nice hot bath.

There are a lot of natural products you can use as well. Pick the one that will work the best for your pet.

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