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Do I Have Fleas in My Yard?

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The most obvious answer will beyes, you most likely will have fleas in your yard. Even if you have taken great measures to keep fleas out and built a fence, fleas still have birds to hitch a ride on and enter your property.

It is very difficult to ban fleas from your yard. However, you can use different natural and chemical methods to kill fleas once they get there. Once you understand why and how you get fleas in your yard, it is easier to fight them off.

Why Do I Have Fleas in My Yard?

This situation is part of nature. It is going to happen at some point in time because fleas travel anywhere and everywhere they can. There are several reasons why you have fleas in your yard:

1. You Are Providing the Food– By this, it is meant that your trash is not sealed right or you have other food items that many animals like. They enter your yard and deposit the fleas on them as they eat. Or at least the eggs the adult female flea has laid on them.

2. Overgrown Plants and Grass– Very inviting to some animals. These animals do not have owners taking care of them. That means they will have a lot of fleas on their bodies they can bring into your yard.

3. A Water Supply– If your property has standing water, it will attract those flea-carrying animals. Those animals need water to survive so they will find a way to get into your property and take a drink. Along the way, they drop off fleas, eggs, and larvae.

4. Rodents Love Hiding Places– Large plants, trees, and so on provide those animals with great places to hide. However, while you may like rats and mice, etc., they also bring fleas into your yard. If they can find a way into your home, they will leave those fleas and eggs inside your house at the same time.

5. Safe Harbor– If wild animals or stray domestic ones find your property to be a safe place to rest, they will stay there and bring their fleas with them. Those fleas may stay on the animal or transfer to another host until your dog walks by.

What Causes Flea Infestation in My Yard?

Black puppy sitting in grass, scratching

The reasons above may only bring in a few fleas but once they come into your yard and find a good place to hide, they can drop a lot of eggs. Those eggs do not need blood to grow into an adult flea.

They can remain unhatched for some time and once they do, they will find hosts that will help them lay more eggs. The cycle continues until you do something about it. The more eggs, the more fleas you will have.

Then the more animals bringing in more fleas means more eggs. Soon you have a large infestation on your hands. Birds are the hardest to keep out of your lawn.

Where Are Fleas in The Yard

Shaded area of grass under a very large oak tree

Look in the dark shady areas first. Fleas like the dark and cooler areas and big plants offer large amounts of both. Then look at the base of your grass. That is where the eggs will drop once the female has a good host to live on.

It is very hard to get rid of those eggs as they are down next to the soil. If you keep your lawn trimmed, you can get some spiders and ants to find them. Those two species love to eat fleas. They have their hiding places, so you have to do yard maintenance to help keep those fleas at bay.

Did you know that Diatomaceous Earth kills fleas? Check out our post “Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas in Yard” to learn more.

How Long Can Fleas Live in Grass?

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The estimated time for adult fleas seems to be 2 or 3 months. If you do not have a pet and no animals visit your yard, you just have to be patient and wait till the fleas die out. The female needs a blood meal to produce eggs. Without that, they do not lay any eggs.

Eggs and larvae may live a lot longer as they can hibernate for up to two years in those states before growing into adult fleas. That means that if you kill adult fleas, more may be on the way.

Sometimes it is a never-ending battle.

Some Final Words

Electron Microscope view of a flea on a black background

When you understand why there are fleas in your yard, you can build the right defenses to keep them out. Or you can employ the right anti-flea products to kill them once they enter.

But you need a good flea killer that kills eggs, larvae, and adult fleas or you will have a never-ending war on your hands.

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