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How Do You Get Fleas Without Pets?

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How do you get fleas in your house if you don’t have pets is a fascinating subject? Some people might be surprised to learn that you don’t need pets to have a flea infestation in your house. Fleas can be brought into your home in several ways. Please keep reading to know how you can get fleas without pets and learn how to remove them.

How Do You Know If Your House Has Fleas?

There can be various reasons for fleas without pets and some of the most important ones are mentioned below.

You Brought the Fleas Yourself

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Do you recall that fantastic old sofa you “found” on the side of the road? You know, the one you couldn’t believe someone had tossed out so carelessly? Unfortunately, it may have been infested with fleas. Even if no adult fleas were bouncing about on it, it might have been home to a swarm of flea eggs and larvae that you unintentionally transported home.

But don’t blame yourself; flea eggs and larvae are small and difficult to detect, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Furthermore, these cunning bugs can remain dormant for months before catching a host. In the absence of a cat or dog, you, the person, become the next best option.

Pets from the Past

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This is, without a doubt, a terrible circumstance to find oneself in. You and your things move into a new house, and you start to work organizing and decorating your new digs. Only to discover that the previous renter has left you with some housemates you don’t want to live with. It isn’t perfect, yet it occurs. It’s possible that a prior tenant’s dogs had fleas and left a carpet full of flea eggs ready to hatch.

Even if it wasn’t your problem, the best thing you can do in this scenario is to start work cleansing your new house of the flea infestation. Oh, and you can always pray that the previous renter brought some fleas with them unintentionally!

Other Pests

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Do you think the scenario described above is terrible? This one isn’t even close. Another reason you can have fleas if you don’t have pets is that you might have other pests in your home, such as rats and mice, that carry fleas in. If you feel this is the case – for example, if there is other evidence of rodents in your house – you should first focus on getting rid of mice in and around your home before tackling the flea problem.

Stray Animals

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Do you have a lot of stray cats and dogs near your house? What about raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and possums, for example? While it may be delightful to gaze out the window at a yard full of frolicking attractive squirrels, the fact is that these adorable little critters may introduce fleas and flea eggs into your home via your porch decks and doors.

How Do You Get Rid of Fleas If You Don’t Have Pets?

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Every cloud does, indeed, have a silver lining. So, before you sink into self-pity, rest assured that having fleas without dogs comes with some fantastic news. There are many ways to get rid of fleas and some of them are as follows.

Anti-Microbial Material – Tea tree oil, garlic sprays, diatomaceous earth powders, and borax, for example, are all-natural antimicrobial remedies that fleas despise. These substances may be used to cure any region of your home.

Tea Tree Oil It may be used for bath soaps, body lotions, and shampoos for all family members to use. You may also use it in the form of sprays to cure beds, closets, furniture, and carpets, among other things.

Diatomaceous Earth Powders This naturally-occurring material and flea bombs are both widely accessible on the market and can be used to treat the yards. You may also treat carpeted sections and hardwood flooring with baking soda and salt.

Natural Flea Repellent Sprays – These sprays and organic flea powders can be used to keep fleas away from your home. Fleas may be eliminated and prevented by using liquid garlic sprays on windows and doors.

Other Helpful Products for Avoiding Fleas

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Some chemical products can also prove useful for killing fleas. The following are a couple of these chemicals that are very popular for flea treatment.

Indorex Flea Spray from Virbac

For long-term control of larval and adult fleas, this superb home flea spray comprises a contemporary insect growth regulator and a quick knock-down pesticide. Adult fleas may be killed in only a few hours with this outstanding solution. How to apply: Before beginning treatment, vacuum the flooring (carpets). Spray the places where fleas are most likely to be found. Before you use remedies to get rid of fleas, make sure the insects you’re dealing with are indeed fleas. Read on to learn about the appearance of these blood-sucking insects and how to spot them.

Consider using flea-control chemicals on contaminated furniture and rugs. The trick is to utilize the proper insect growth regulator with the right product. Look for solutions that can break the flea life cycle, preventing the fleas from reproducing in your house. Pyriproxyfen and methoprene should be present in such goods.

Extra Long-Lasting Household Flea Spray from Beaphar

The Best Flea and Larvae Killing Spray. Customer Reviews That Have Been Verified Effectiveness: For long-lasting control of larval and adult fleas, this outstanding home flea spray comprises a contemporary insect growth regulator and a quick knock-down pesticide. Adult fleas may be killed in only a few hours with this outstanding solution. Vacuum the flooring (carpets) before applying the remedy. Spray the places where fleas are most likely to be found.

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