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How to Kill Fleas with Essential Oils?

Dropper squeezing essential oils into a brown glass bottle

The first step is to select the right essential oil. This is because because all of them are not effective at killing or repelling fleas. Once we have the right essential oil, we can make a natural flea repellent by adding some drops into a cup of water. Then, we can transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and apply it to the fleas to kill them. Keep reading to know more about how you can kill fleas with essential oils.

How to Get Rid of Fleas with Essential Oils?

You can get rid of fleas by applying several safe essential oils, especially if you are using them on to your dog as a flea repellent. Those oils which are safe for current use should be diluted with coconut or grapeseed oil before interacting with your pets. Do not put any undiluted essential oils on your dogs as they can affect them severely.

You must mix a few drops of the oil with water or apple cider vinegar (8 oz). Then shake it well, and lightly spray your dog as well as the surfaces around the home, especially where fleas contact regularly. Putting a couple of drops of lavender or clove oil onto your dog’s collar can repel or even kill the dog fleas.

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What Essential Oil Kills Fleas Instantly?

Brown bottle with an eyedropper top laying on its side surrounded by peppermint leaves

Peppermint oil is one such essential oil that can kill fleas instantly. It is sometimes recommended to use on the dog for killing fleas especially if your canine needs instant elimination of fleas. But peppermint oil is toxic to cats and can cause little problems for dogs too, especially if used in enormous amounts.

Despite this, some products are designed for dogs and contain lesser amounts of peppermint oil at safe levels. Peppermint oil also contains 2.59% linalool and 0.6% limonene. These components can be quite useful in killing fleas.

This essential oil is obtained from the leaves of the peppermint plant and can potentially be successful at killing or repelling a variety of insects including some mosquitoes, beetles, houseflies, lice, whiteflies, aphids, diamondback moths, and cutworms.

What Essential Oils Do Fleas Hate the Most?

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Essential oils are one of the best options to get rid of fleas and can be used safely in your home, around your family, and on your pets (like dogs). This is because fleas hate essential oils and can be repelled or killed by their smell. All the dangerous essential oils (like peppermint oil) which can cause fleas to die, are the most hateful for them.

But some other essential oils do not kill the fleas yet are considered to be the most hateful. These essential oils are Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Rosemary essential oil. The main reason that fleas hate these essential oils the most is their unpleasant smell to them. Other than that, these oils are also pet friendly and can be used on your dogs or cats.

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Do Any Essential Oils Kill Fleas?

Eyedropper full of essential oils laying on its side with a shadow of a plant at the top of the image

Most of the essential oils are used for repelling but some oils are not only repelled but also kill the fleas as well. Apart from peppermint essential oil, the following are two major essential oils that are considered quite handy in killing fleas.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Essential oils bottle surrounded by wood chips

This most effective essential oil comes from the leaves, needles, and bark of the cedar plant. It can be quite useful in treating hair loss problems, insomnia, anxiety, and acne among human beings. Cedarwood oil is also quite effective to battle against fleas as it can repel as well as kills them. This oil should be used in diluted form because in the case of high concentration it can cause several irritations, especially skin irritations while using it on your dog’s fleas.

So, either you can dilute or add a few drops of cedar oil into your pet’s shampoo and apply it directly. You can also use a diffuser and add a few drops of oil to it. This diffusion of oil will release the anti-parasitic molecules into the air and kills all the fleas around your home. Another way to apply diluted cedar oil to fleas is by spraying with the spray bottle in potentially risky areas.

Clove Essential Oil

Bottle of essential oils with the eyedropper top removed and laying on its side surrounded by cloves

This essential oil is made up of the dried buds of the plant. People use clove essential oil against colds, asthma, muscle pain, and digestive problems. This essential oil is also quite a famous antibacterial agent and not only kills or repels fleas but can also kill other harmful bacteria around you and your pets. It is a warming oil, so it is not good to use it for topical treatment. Never use clove oil directly on your pet’s skin as it can cause irritations.

Before applying clove oil on pets (to eliminate fleas), dilute it first with water or any carrier oil. Clove essential oil can also be quite effective in healing or disinfecting any flea bite on your pet’s skin. Clove oil contains a natural insecticide component which is known as eugenol. Eugenol is an element that can easily kill fleas on contact. Mix ½ cup of clove oil with ¾ cup of warm water in a spray bottle. After making the mixture shake it well and then spray the solution on the infested areas (like carpets).

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