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What Can I Use for Fleas on My Dog?

dog sitting outdoors and scratching behinds its ear

Fleas Can Become a Problem Very Quickly

If you are not careful, you may find that your house and pets are infested with fleas. That is because these creatures can multiply very quickly. Females can lay up to a hundred eggs very fast and if not checked or killed, could result in a heavy infestation.

There are different products you can use to kill fleas and to find out what some of those products are, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can protect your home and pets.

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What Kills Fleas on Dogs Instantly?

Wet pomeranian wrapped in a towel sitting next to a bottle of shampoo and a flea comb

There are several products that can kill fleas instantly and there are quite a few that will kill them in a few minutes. For the former action, you will want to use bleach. However, bleach is not healthy enough to wipe your dog or cat.

Dawn dishwashing liquid is said to be able to kill fleas in a few minutes. You can use it to wash your pets, carpets or bedding and walls, etc. This dishwashing liquid is also said to be grade D in toxicity, but it should not harm your dog or cat if you use it to wash the fleas off their skin.

To find other products that kill instantly or in a few minutes, you would have to read the individual labels on those products. Some may or may not say how fast they will kill and most of those are the natural options you have at your disposal.

How Do I Make Homemade Flea Treatment for My Dog?

Sprigs of rosemary and a small bottle of oil laying on a rough piece of wood

This is not hard to do. The first step is to grab the right natural ingredients. For example, vinegar and water, lemon juice, and water are two easy-to-make-at-home remedies that only require mixing the right amounts of both ingredients together.

If you want to use rosemary leaves, then all you have to do is boil them in water and strain when the leaves have steeped enough, strain out the leaves. Then add a little warm water to cool the dip off before pouring it over your dog.

If you have any vodka around your home, you can soak their collars in a little vodka and then place it around the neck of your cat or dog. Use unflavored vodka and add a little drop or two of the essential oil fragrance your pet enjoys. Then place the collar back on your pet. This should drive away from the fleas.

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What Is the Best Flea Killer for Dogs?

Close up of a dogs leg being combed

To be blunt, the one that works. Combs and sachets do a decent job but there is always the chance that you will miss a flea or two, or completely miss their eggs. Fleas do not just sit there but will move when threatened and these items will not pick them up.

Commercial chemical ladened products work very well and can kill fleas very quickly. Products like NeGard and Capstar work very fast and some of these products can be taken internally. Those are the best ones to use.

But you should try a variety of different products as pets are like humans. They may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients and that will make them more afraid of the cure than the fleas.

Natural remedies may be a bit slower, but they may be healthier for your pets

What Do Fleas Hate?

Bottle of vinegar, a spray bottle, and a sponge

Fleas do not like vinegar and some people suggest giving a teaspoon of vinegar in water to your dog or cat. This will help keep the fleas away. They also do not like peppermint or eucalyptus oil and having those oils around your home helps keep fleas away.

They are not afraid of flea bombs because the creatures can hide in the carpet fibers or other objects that are too deep for the flea bomb to reach. Those flea bombs also do not reach the eggs either.

For longer kill times, you can use salt and baking soda as both products will dehydrate the fleas and kill them over a 24-hour period, including the eggs, etc. You can try foggers that go everywhere, especially into those dark corners and other hiding spots.

Fleas have a hard time running from those devices.

Some Final Words

Dog with its tongue stuck out being given a bath

There are innumerable methods you can use to get rid of fleas, both on your pets and in your home. You just have to pick the right product that you are comfortable with using and that will work to keep fleas off your dog.

Also, there are good natural products to use if you do not want to expose your pets or your family to harmful chemicals.

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