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What Happens If Humans Get Flea Bites?

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Sometimes All You Get is an Itchy Feeling

For the majority of people, a flea bit brings them nothing but a few days of discomfort and some itchiness around the bite. It is important not to scratch those bites as scratching can only make them worse.

It will also open you up to the possibility of infection. However, there are some cases where people got more than that itchy feeling. Keep reading to find out what happens to some humans who get bitten by fleas.

Can Flea Bites Be Harmful to Humans?

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Unfortunately, yes, they can. Not all flea bites will be harmful but there are some bites worse than others. For example, if the flea is carrying a disease, then you would be vulnerable to contracting that disease. Not always but it is a possibility.

The types of diseases you could catch from a flea bite range from Lyme disease to the plague, to tungiasis and typhus. The plague may not be as severe as the version that almost wiped-out Europe in the Middle Ages, but it might feel like it.

Some of the symptoms are fever, headache, chills, weakness, and one or more swollen, tender, painful lymph nodes. There is a burrowing type of flea that brings tungiasis which is recognized by the white lesion with a black dot in the center.

This burrowing flea is called the Tunga penetrans and it lives in tropical regions of the world only. Then different flea bites could create an allergic reaction. If you didn’t know you were allergic to flea bites, have one bite you and you will find out soon enough.

If you have different symptoms beyond itchiness, then go to your doctor for treatment.

How Long Do Flea Bites Last on Humans?

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The good news here is that they are not supposed to last very long. They should be gone in a matter of a few days if you do not have an allergic reaction or contact one of the more serious diseases these creatures carry.

The latter two situations may have the bites last a lot longer than you would want but with the right treatment, you should be fine in a few days as well. Most flea bites can be treated with over-the-counter anti-itch medications.

After applying those ointments or creams, wrap the area that has the bites in a bandage to keep you from scratching it and making it worse. If the area gets worse and not better, then go to your doctor and have him or she provide you with stronger medication.

What Happens if a Flea is on a Human?

Flea on human skin

This is not a rare or spectacular event. It happens a lot whether you have pets or not. Fleas can jump on humans from their pets, wild animals, vegetation, and other hiding places.

If you find fleas on you, you do not have to panic. You just have to treat the area with a good flea repellent or killer. Coconut oil is said to do the trick and it is 100% healthy for you to use.

If there is no animal host nearby, you may get bit because the flea still has to eat blood to survive and lay eggs. You will feel, for the most part, a little itchiness and possibly some pain. That is about it for most people.

The bites do not last that long if they have been treated with the proper medication and you do not scratch the area. The best thing to do if you know you are going to be near where fleas hang out is to cover yourself in flea repellent.

There are some nice natural repellents that smell nice to you but are not so nice to the flea.

Can You Use Aloe Vera on Flea Bites?

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It is one of the natural medications you can use when you have a flea bite. Aloe vera plants have many applications and you can add flea bites to that long list. The oil from this plant works on many different skin issues and it should be soothing when you feel the itchiness that comes with a flea bite.

Some Final Words

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Flea bites are not something you should panic over. They will happen at some point in your life or your family’s life. So, learning how to treat them will save you a lot of anxiety.

If you see flea bites on your skin, do not scratch them but cover them with some anti-itch medication. If the bite gets worse, go see your doctor and get stronger medication.

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