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Where Do Fleas Go When They Jump?

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They Always Have a Destination in Mind

Fleas do not jump haphazardly. They know where they will jump before they make their leaps. The problem is that they do not share their flight plans with humans so it is hard to know where individual fleas will go when they leap.

But one thing is for sure, you want to have great flea protection around so that they do not accumulate and cause an infestation. To find out where they jump when they leap just continue to read our article. It has the information needed to get an idea of where the flea has in mind when they make their leaps.

Take a few minutes to get this vital information so you can do a little flea protection preparation.

Can Fleas Jump from Floor to Bed?

Couple in bed asleep with a chocolate labrador retriever sleeping on the floor next to the bed

Yes, they can. It is not a great leap for them as fleas do have the ability to jump roughly 100 or 150 times their length and height. Jumping from the floor to a bedspread is not going to be too difficult for them.

Once they are on your bedding, fleas have the ability to walk and climb up to the main part of your bed. Then, since fleas can live for about 2 to 14 days without a host, they will use your body as a feeding area unless you get rid of them right away.

One way to clear your bed and carpets of fleas is to vacuum them up. Once you do that, throw the bag away as vacuuming does not always kill 100% of the fleas and they will find a way back out of the bag.

Once you have done your vacuuming, spread a little flea powder around your bed on the floor or carpets. This will provide you with a little protection as you sleep.

Do Fleas Know Where They Are Going When They Are Jumping?

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It is hard to say but given that they are attracted by blood, cool places, and other enticing items, they should have a very good idea of where they are going. The creatures are not blind either so they can see the objects they are headed for.

Fleas have sensors that help identify their hosts and if there is blood in them, so it is a fair conclusion to say that they do know where they are going when they jump. Even if you do not have fleas, you can still get an infestation.

The flea prefers animal blood over humans, but they will feed on human blood if there are no animals in the home. They will get into your home by hitchhiking on your clothing.

How they get into your garden would be by other animals looking for food. Of course, the creature has between 2 and 14 days to attach itself to you. They will die if they do not find a feeding ground within that time frame.

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When Do Fleas Jump Off Dogs?

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There are two basic times when a flea will flea a dog. One is when they die. There will be no more blood to feed on once that takes place. The flea will then look for another live host to get their meals.

The other basic time is when you start putting anti-flea products on your dog. The fleas will try to escape being killed and they can leap or walk off your animal once they detect the poison.

Other times maybe when you bathe your pet, but the water may overwhelm the flea before they get a chance to flee. Or if you start combing your pets with a flea comb. But if you do not take action, then the flea may live on your dog for a very long time.

Female fleas are known to lay hundreds of eggs on animals, so it is best to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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Some Final Words

Flea on white fur

Fleas will go just about anywhere, as long as they know they can find food. Generally, the flea will make it to your bed if you allow your dog or cat to lie on it. Some species of fleas are known to get into your laundry basket, and you unknowingly create an infestation when you shake your clothes out before washing them.

Take the right precautions and vacuum your bed frequently when you own a dog or a cat.

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