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Are Banana Trees Safe for Dogs?

Green and yellow bananas still attached to the tree

Yes, they are. According to ASPCA, banana trees are safe for dogs and their fruit can also be used in dog recipes. In this article, we will discuss some basic information about banana trees and explain why they are safe for canines.

Banana Tree Information

rows of banana trees with green bananas still attached to the tree

The scientific name of this species is “Musa acuminata”. The word ‘Musa’ comes from the family of a plant known as “Musaceae”. The juicy trunk of a banana tree is mostly water with a percentage of 93%. Hence, it can help your pup to overcome his/her thirst without being harmed.

With the stem of banana, its flower stalk is produced. At first, the female part of the flower appears and develops into clusters or hands. Both the flower and cluster are also non-toxic for dogs and can be helpful to improve your dog’s mood. Any area with rich soil, regular watering, and bright light will match the natural habitation of the banana tree.

Are Banana Trees Safe for Dogs?

View of a sunset through banana leaves

Banana trees are non-toxic for dogs and can be planted safely in your garden or backyard. It is a histrionic intonation plant that is safe for all pets. So, don’t worry if your dog starts chewing a banana flower or leaf while walking into the garden. This will not make him/her ill. Instead, it could well be a “yum” meal for your dog.

When it comes to health or medicinal benefits, banana leaves are used for several different purposes, especially in Asia. For example, banana leaves can be used to treat skin rashes and itching. Similarly, it is also useful for countering hair fall and giving healthy hair to dogs.

Eating leaves is one of the natural treatments that pets use for curing stomach problems, like dysentery and ulcers. These leaves can also help to overcome diabetic issues by reducing the level of glucose in your dog’s blood. Last but not least, any kind of fungal infection can be resolved by applying banana ashes to it.

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