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Are Fig Trees Safe for Dogs?

Close up of 3 figs growing on a branch with leaves

According to ASPCA, Fig trees can be toxic for your furry friend. It is one of the most popular species when we talk about household plants. Fig has been cultured since ancient times due to its fruit and as a decorative plant for gardens. According to an estimate, Fig trees are the source of sustenance for more than 1,200 species. This includes one-tenth of all the world’s birds.

Fig Tree Information

Close up of purple figs on a branch with leaves

This small-sized tree or shrub belongs to the Mulberry family. Ficus Caricais the scientific name of this species and it is indigenous to the Mediterranean and Western Asia. It grows up to 7–10 meters and has a smooth white bark.

A Fig tree has a rubbery texture, shiny leaves, and grows in a variety of forms and sizes. Due to the nature of its leaves, this plant is also known as a rubber plant. As far as the conditions for Fig’s growth are concerned, these trees require a tropical climate. They can also survive in warm weather but won’t do well in a cold climate.

Are Fig Trees Safe for Dogs?

Branch of a fig tree with figs and leaves

No, they are not. Ingesting leaves of the fig tree can be extremely dangerous for your pup. Read on to know about the reason for toxicity and possible complications.

Why is Fig Tree Toxic to Dogs?

The sap found in the leaves of fig trees is the actual culprit. It causes discomfort and irritation to dogs and is impactful on the skin as well as in the digestive system. Hence, it is better to avoid this species if you have dogs, especially puppies.

Puppies are always zestful for exploring and chewing new things. Chewing fig leaves or branches is unhealthy for them, and they might even need a full-day visit to the hospital.

Ingesting a Fig or Ficus plant leads to fig poisoning in dogs. This is because they contain a toxic, sap-like agent called Ficin. This substance poisons the skin, eyes, or mouth of dogs on contact and stomach when ingested.

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