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Help! My Dog Ate A Condom

Sick dog on vet exam table

Dogs have been ‘man’s best friend’ for centuries. And, they have been putting their snouts and mouths where they do not belong for just as long. Being the natural scavengers that they are, dogs commonly eat things that they should not. One of the most common things that dogs commonly eat is condoms. It turns out that the smell and the chewiness of contraceptives are quite irresistible to our furry friends. Here what to do if your dog has eaten a condom. It is always recommended to get a professional opinion from your veterinarian in case your dog ate a condom.

Most veterinarians hear on a fairly regular basis – Help! My dog ate a condom. After they are done laughing (mostly kidding), they will assure you that it is typically not anything to worry about.

What to Do If My Dog Ate a Used Condom

First – let us all release a collective ew. Now that we have gotten the disgust out of the way if your dog has eaten a used condom, it honestly is not much different than eating a non-used one. And, he will generally be fine, but sexually transmitted and other diseases are a concern if you are unaware of your partner’s history, however. If any amount of time has passed since the ingestion, chances are that it has already made its way to the dog’s intestines. Many foreign objects will simply pass through the digestive tract, causing little, if any, damage to your pet. The major fear with all accidental (or intentional, for that matter) ingestions would be the risk of an intestinal or bowel blockage, which is not likely to happen due to one condom. The likelihood of complications, regardless if it is new, used, or even lambskin condoms, are relatively low. Although, it is not impossible, so close monitoring is imperative.

Unused and In Wrapper

Man holding out silver foil wrapped condom

If your precious friend has eaten a condom that is still in the wrapper, the choking risk will be slightly increased, although respiratory distress will be quite apparent. If your dog is choking, it needs to be addressed immediately by performing a doggy Heimlich Maneuver, followed by a check-up. If he seems to be breathing normally, the condom has probably already started its journey into the intestinal tract. While a wrapped condom is also unlikely to cause damage, bowel obstruction is possible. It is imperative to watch for the warning signs or symptoms.

What to Do If My Dog Eats a Box of Condoms

Multi colored condoms in foil and clear packaging.

Now, if your dog has taken it to the extremes and eaten an entire box of condoms, it increases the risk exponentially. You could try to induce vomiting but even if you are successful, you cannot be sure that everything has been expelled. A trip to the veterinarian’s office is probably a good idea. The doctor can take some x-rays to ensure that the condom(s) are not causing any issues.

Symptoms to Look Out For

Dog laying down with head on paws

As we said, the major concern is going to be a blockage. This can be incredibly dangerous or even fatal, especially if left untreated. Surgery is a very real possibility. If you notice your dog exhibiting any of the following symptoms – call your veterinarian without thinking twice.

  • Excessive Diarrhea and/or Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Abdominal pain/Tenderness
  • Inability to Urinate or Defecate
  • Loss of Appetite

When It is Time to See the Veterinarian

Picture of vets torso while holding  cat and dog

Complications from foreign object ingestions depend largely on the size of your canine companion. Bigger dogs have bigger digestive systems as well as intestines and will have a much easier time passing an object than say, a chihuahua would. If your dog is on the smaller side, regardless of any worse symptoms that are present, it would be a good idea to bring him in for an examination. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Believe it or not, you are not the first to be in this predicament and will likely not be the last. There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. In the majority of cases, your dog will come through this unscathed, with no medical intervention necessary. So long as he is not showing any troubling signs, the condom should be expelled in 1 to 3 days (yes, you must keep watch, gross – next time put your condoms up or away – good job with the safe sex though). This timetable will vary depending on his metabolism. If he has not passed it in a week, you will want to bring him to a veterinarian, to make sure that it is not causing any problems. Please, be honest with the vet. Believe me, when I say, they have heard and seen it all. They need all the facts to effectively treat your pet.

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