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Help! My Dog Pees from Excitement

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Your dog’s behavior can change depending on how it is feeling at that moment. Normally, canines will start wagging their tails to tell their owner that something is wrong. Likewise, some dogs, especially young ones, might pee inappropriately when they are excited, and it’s completely normal. Read on to find out why your dog pees from excitement and what can be done to limit this behavior.

Why Does My Dog Pee When Excited?

It is common for puppies to pee during excitement. This behavior is present in both male and female dogs. I Heart Dogs discuss that most dogs grow out of this habit, but some of them may persist with this behavior. If that’s the case with your pooch, it is most likely due to any of the following reasons.

Improper Training

Retriever puppy laying on hard wood floor being fussed at by person pointing finger at wet spot on area rug

This is one of the most common reasons for excitement urination. If your dog is not properly trained, it may start peeing in random places around your house. Going to a litterbox to pee is not a natural behavior for your dog. If a dog is not trained properly, it will pee on the spot in excitement.

Old Age

Senior dogs usually have a weaker bladder. They cannot hold in their pee for long, and they may pee unintentionally if they get too excited. If you have an older dog that pees from excitement, it is likely due to your dog’s old age. Just like humans, your dog’s organs have become less effective over the years.

Sudden Change in Dietary Routine

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Did you recently change your dog’s mealtimes? If yes, that could well be the reason for unexpected peeing. Web MD mentions that changes in eating habits can directly result in excitement urination.

For example, your dog is used to go to pee at 4 pm (every day after lunch). If you changed the time of lunch to 1 pm, he/she may hold the urge to pee until 4 pm. However, because he/she is doing it out of habit, your pooch may pee from excitement (during this phase).

Separation Anxiety

Certain dog breeds are more prone to separation anxiety than others. If you go out for several hours, your dog will start to get nervous and agitated. Therefore, he/she will get very excited to see you when you come back. This may be the reason your dog suddenly pees when you come home. However, if your dog has separation anxiety and is not trained properly, it will pee all around your house.

Medical Reasons

Veterinarian looking into the mouth of a Pomeranian sitting on a blue exam table

Dogs, especially senior dogs, are susceptible to many different medical issues. Dog Parenting 101 explains that your dog’s excitement peeing can be connected to his/her health. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), diabetes, kidney problems, and Cushing’s disease, can all cause peeing disorders in dogs.

Furthermore, if your dog has diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues, it may lead to excessive peeing and defecation.

What Can I Do If My Dog Pees from Excitement?

Excitement urination and quickly become annoying. But you’re in luck! Because there are a few ways you can try to change your dog’s behavior so it stops peeing everywhere. The following are a few methods you can try to stop your dog from peeing out of excitement.

Control Excitement

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Puppies are prone to excitement urination and they sometimes grow out of it. There is a chance your dog has retained its puppy habits. So if your dog pees from excitement, it may just be its habit. One of the easiest solutions to stop your dog from peeing in excitement is to give it fewer opportunities to get excited over things.

Consult a Vet

There are a few medical conditions that may cause your dog to urinate in excitement. Consult your vet if your dog is suddenly peeing in excitement. Sometimes the root cause for such behavior is a medical issue. It’s always better to be safe than sorry so take your dog to a vet!

Schedule Regular Toilet Breaks

Grey puppy with back to camera, peeing in the grass

Planning potty breaks is a great way to reduce excitement urination. You can try scheduling your dog’s playtimes around its meals, so he/she pees before starts playing. Your dog will be less likely to pee in excitement on an empty bladder.

Train Your Dog

If your dog is always peeing in excitement, try training him/her yourself or look for a professional dog behaviorist. A professional dog trainer teaches your pooch multiple good behaviors and may become necessary for managing stubborn canines.

Tips to Counter Excitement Urination

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Here are a few useful tips you should keep in mind when trying to train your dog to stop peeing in excitement.

Don’t Be Harsh

Do not be harsh with your pets at any time, including training. Being harsh, or punishing your dog discourages it to adopt good behavior and may traumatize it for life. Be gentle and encouraging with your dog. It is hard to teach your dog good behavior. However, it is even harder for your dog to unlearn bad behavior!

Get Professional Help

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If you are unable to train your dog properly, do not spend more time trying. Your dog may just be stubborn. Instead, seek professional dog behaviorists and have them train your dog. It takes time but is worth it in the long run.

Use Medication

You can use over-the-counter medication to treat medical problems, like diarrhea, UTI, and hormonal incontinence. However, you should always consult a vet before giving your dog any medications.

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