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How Fast Do Dog Nails Grow?

Close up, side view of a dog's paw and nails

Dogs have fast-growing nails. It usually takes two to three weeks for nails to grow back and cover the quick. But the rate at which they grow varies depending on their age and size. Smaller dogs tend to have faster nail growth than larger breeds. Nail length depends on genetics, diet, and environmental factors such as humidity or heat.

You might also see differences in nail growth between pups of the same litter because of different genes passed from mother and father. If your dog’s nails are too long or causing them discomfort, you can take quick action to have them trimmed sooner than later. Knowing how fast your dog’s nails grow and what factors can speed up this process will help you make a plan for keeping your dog more comfortable throughout the year ahead.

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What Happens If U Don’t Cut Dogs Nails?

If you don’t trim your dog’s nails, they will grow right out of his paws. You’ll notice that your dog’s nails seem to be growing quickly if you can hear them clicking against the floor when he walks. If your dog’s nails are growing too long and you don’t trim them regularly, they will get painful and he will avoid putting weight on his paws to keep from hurting himself, in such a situation avoid taking your dog on strenuous walks.

Tips for Shortening Nails

Hand holding a dog's paw in one hand  and dog nail clippers in the other, trimming the dog's nails against a white background

Before you attempt to clip your dog’s nails, put on a pair of thick gardening or work gloves. You might also want to put a towel or a shirt over your dog to keep from getting scratched. You should cut your dog’s toenails straight across, not at an angle. That way, his nails will be less likely to grow into his footpad or break off inside his foot. If you cut your dog’s nails too short, he could bleed a little. If you don’t want to cut your dog’s nails yourself, you can take him to a groomer or veterinarian to have them clipped.

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When to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Hand holding a dog's paw over a wooden surface, trimming the nails with guillotine nail clippers

The best time to clip your dog’s nails is right after he has eaten. His blood flow is directed towards the stomach and away from the paws during digestion so you will have a less squirmy dog to clip his nails.

You can also wait until your dog is relaxed, such as after he’s had some playtime outside or has had a good nap. You can also try clipping your dog’s nails after a bath since the water will have made his paws softer and easier to work with. If you have a young puppy, you can start clipping his nails as early as when he’s 8 weeks old.

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Some Final Words

Jack Russell Terrier puppy having it's nails trimmed

Knowing how fast your dog’s nails grow can help you stay on top of clipping them. If your dog’s nails grow quickly, you may have to trim them more often than dogs whose nails grow more slowly. If you have a young puppy, you can start trimming his nails as soon as he is old enough to be handled. You can also get help from a groomer or veterinarian if you are worried about clipping your dog’s nails too short.

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