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How Old Should a Puppy Be to Get Groomed + 5 Tips for Getting Puppy Ready

Yorkie puppy wrapped in towel at groomer

It surprises a lot of dog owners that a puppy should be groomed rather early in life.

How Old Should A Puppy Be to Get Groomed?

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy laying in leaf covered grass

Usually you will want to start grooming a puppy at 10 to 12 weeks old especially if your dog has a hair or non shedding coat, rather than a fur coat that sheds, because non shedding coats can get particularly matted.

Tip! Earlier is better when it comes to grooming your puppy.The puppy grooming age is typically 10 to 12 weeks in order to acclimate them to the process.

But no matter what type of coat your dog has, it’s important to get them groomed early if you plan on taking them to a groomer later on in life. This will help acclimate them to the grooming process so that they are less anxious and more calm.

Preparing your puppy for grooming is an important task that will help your dog be able to be calm and easy going during grooming sessions.

5 Tips For Getting Your Puppy Ready for Grooming

Woman playing with husky puppy on carpet
  1. Handle your puppy’s feet regularly. A big part of proper grooming for dogs is nail trimming. If you handle your puppy’s feet from the time they join your family, then you will find that nail trimming is much easier when they get to the groomer.
  2. Brush your dog regularly. Brushing your dog regularly helps to avoid mats, acclimates them to being groomed and makes grooming visits easier when they get to the appropriate puppy grooming age of 10 to 12 weeks.
  3. Check your puppy’s ears and legs. If your puppy spends any time at all outside, then they are likely to pick up brambles and other things that like to stick to their coats. You should always check their ears and legs for items like this and remove them promptly. This will make the groomer’s job easier and help prevent matts.
  4. Introduce your puppy to the groomer. Give your puppy a chance to say hello to the groomer and sniff around before leaving her. This will help to relieve her anxiety.
  5. Stay calm. Puppies are excellent at reading human emotion. Even if she is anxious, it’s important that you stay calm. Staying calm will help your puppy stay calm.
Black and White puppy sitting in grass in front of flower bed

If you start getting your puppy groomed early, then it will be easier for you, for the puppy, and for the groomer because your dog will be calmer and better behaved.

You can also tell if a groomer is good by the equipment they use. A quality dog clipper makes the experience easier.

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