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How to Let Your Puppy Sleep in your Bed – The Safe Way

Puppy asleep with child in bed

“Can my dog sleep in my bed?” If you are looking for a one-word answer to this question, it would be a YES. However, it’s NOT a straight-forward decision because there are several factors, like potty training, that you need to consider. This is the reason why you can find some trainers who don’t recommend this practice.

In these circumstances, you are the best judge to determine whether to let your puppy sleep in your bed or not. Analyze your pup to see if he/she is mature enough to join you in the bed. The following are some basic guidelines that can you make this decision.

  • Your puppy can sleep through the night without needing a potty break.
  • Make sure that your pup is neither so tiny that you might accidentally harm him/her nor so huge that he/she might accidentally harm you.
  • Your canine companion can remain in his bed without whining to be let out.

If your dog fulfills these basic criteria, you can consider the option of inviting him/her to your bed. Having said that, there are some other things as well that you must ensure before materializing this idea.

Which Things Do You Need to Consider?

There’s no denying that snuggling with your warm pet is a great feeling for any dog owner. However, it’s critical to acknowledge the potential complications to avoid a vulnerable experience. Below are some of the things that you must consider before allowing your puppy to sleep in your bed.

Is Your Dog Potty Trained?

Pomeranian on pee pad

Potty training must be your first goal if you want your pup to sleep in your bed. You should allow your puppy to sleep in the bed only when you are confident about his/her bathroom habits. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of trouble, especially if the dog accidentally eliminates in the bed.  

Once your puppy has an accident in your bed, it will become very difficult to re-train him/her. This is because dogs act according to their historical knowledge. Your pup will now have an incident to refer to and he/she will continue to pee/poop in your bed.

Do You Have Any Allergies?

woman with allergies on couch sneezing

Letting your puppy sleep in your bed is NOT a good idea if you have any allergies. Your dog walks barefoot all the time and has all kinds of germs on its paws. Alongside your dog, all those germs will also come on your bed.

This can lead to some very serious problems for those owners who are prone to allergies. The situation becomes even more critical if your canine is coming in contact with your pillow. This is because you put your face on the pillow that means direct exposure to bacteria and other germs. For this reason, you need to be extra careful about the grooming and cleanliness of your pet.  

Are You a Light Sleeper?

woman sleeping in bed with blue tint

It’s highly recommended for light sleepers to keep the bed to themselves if they want a good sleep. If you feel that your puppy won’t bother you while sleeping, you are WRONG. The dog’s snoring, scratching, and constant readjusting are good enough to disturb an owner with light sleep.

Do Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

separation anxiety

In this case, it’s strongly advised to NOT share a bed with your puppy because it can worsen the situation. In contrast to that, you can argue that sleeping with an anxious dog will help in calming him/her down. However, it’s a temporary solution as it doesn’t address the entire issue.

Your canine companion needs to understand that it’s fine to have some lonely time. Similarly, this separate time will allow your pet to learn his/her independence.  

How to Train Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed?

woman asleep in bed with poodle

Start the training by making the puppy sleep in his/her crate or bed. This is important because it gives you the time to potty train him/her. In addition to that, this is an effective method to handle separation anxiety.

When it’s time to sleep, you must make going to bed as casual as possible. If you are nervous about leaving your pup alone, he/she will sense the anxiety and replicate that behavior. Similarly, don’t allow your pet to come on your bed during the daytime. This will create an impression that the bed is a ‘No Dog Zone’.

Blanket Training

golden retriever on couch

The next thing that you need to do is to allocate a certain portion of a couch for your dog. Place a blanket on that section and invite your puppy to come over it. Reward him/her with a treat when your command is obliged. When your canine goes beyond the blanket, discourage that behavior by removing him/her from the couch. 

Invite Your Puppy to the Bed

Puppy In Bed

Once you are confident that your puppy is trained sufficiently, place his/her blanket on an allocated section of the bed. Invite the dog to the blanket and offer a treat if the command is obliged. Contrarily, if he/she moves away from the blanket, remove your pup from the bed. Keep repeating this exercise and the dog will learn that he can sleep on your bed if he/she stays on the blanket.

Important Rules to Remember

The following set of rules is important to ensure a healthy experience when your dog is sleeping in your bed.

  • Keep giving your pup access to a comfortable dog bed or crate.
  • Make your puppy sleep in his/her crate, occasionally, to encourage independence. This will also prevent him/her from becoming too attached to your bed.

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