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How To Train a Puppy Not to Jump

Dalmatian puppy jumping up on hind legs outdoors

They are excited because dogs love their masters and their family so much; it is not unreasonable for them to be excited every time the latter comes home. When your dog gets excited to see you, they tend to jump up on you.

That is not always a good thing as your dog may also be feeling some insecurity. They want to be reassured before they are stopped. One way you can stop their jumping is to stop giving them positive reinforcement.

Don’t pat or cuddle them but make it known that the behavior is not tolerated. To learn more on how to do this just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to help train your dog to not jump on you.

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Do Puppies Outgrow Jumping?

It is normal for puppies to jump. They do it all the time when they are still with their siblings. That is how they play with each other. So, it is normal for puppies to jump when they come to your home.

Technically, they may not outgrow jumping. Because it is normal for your puppy to jump, you will have to train them not to do it. You have to show them how to behave in your home and then reinforce that training.

Some experts say not to turn your back on your dog and not to push them off. Your puppy may think you are playing or cuddling with them and will think they can always jump on you.

Also, you should not hit your dog, as then they will come to distrust your hands. There are several techniques you can use that we will get to later in the article. The key will be to be gentle with your puppy as they do not know any better.

What Is the Command to Stop a Dog From Jumping?

Poodle jumping up on a small child on a city sidewalk

There are several commands you can use. One would be the universal command for almost anything a dog does that you do not want them to do. Just teach them what the word ‘no’ means.

When you say ‘no’ when you see they are about to jump, your dog should get the message fairly quickly. Or you can teach them the command ‘stop’. This will work the same way as the command ‘no’ as long as you teach it to them, and the dog associates the term with something he should not do.

The command that many experts say is the best is to teach them the word ‘up’ followed by a hand signal. Your dog should be trained not to jump up on you until they hear that command.

Make sure to have a clear hand signal to go with it so the dog does not get confused. Other commands that need to be taught should be ‘enough’ or ‘okay’. These commands tell your dog that they have exceeded its jump limit and need to get back down.

It takes some time to train your puppy to obey these commands. Make sure to reward them when they obey.

How Do I Teach My Puppy Not to Jump on New People He Meets?

Terrier jumping up on hind legs next to a pair of human legs outdoors in grass

One method is to create your dog until its excitement dies down. Then you can let them out and roam around the home like normal. Or you can bring them into the room with your guest but on a leash.

Tell your dog to sit and do not introduce your dog to the guest until there are 4 paws on the floor. If your dog does jump still, try the leash side pull to get your dog off and get them to put all four paws down.

You can teach them the word ‘sit’ to help in this situation. Some experts say to knee the dog. You do this by raising your knee up and your dog hits it instead of your body.

This is not a good idea as you can hurt your dog if they are small and hit your knee in mid-air. The key to training your pet is to make sure every member of your household does the same thing to stop your dog from jumping on them.

There is a lot of confusing information on the internet so be careful which advice you follow.

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Some Final Words

Small long haired tan and black dog standing on hind legs leaning against a pair of human legs in jeans standing outdoors

Training your new puppy to not jump will take some time. They grew up with it being a normal and accepted behavior move and learning to not do it will not be easy for them. Be patient and use the commands listed above and reward your puppy when he or she obeys.

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