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How to Treat a Lethargic Dog

Pug sleepily laying on a small rug on the floor

If your dog’s fatigue is caused by overexertion or a brief passing sickness, 24 hours of relaxation is often all your pup needs to bounce back to his regular self, welcome to the door heartily with his crazy tail.

However, if his symptoms persist, your dog should see a veterinarian. His therapy may vary greatly depending on the illness with which he is diagnosed. Some concerns, such as a parasite infection or a nutritional indiscretion, are likely to be easily treated; but, if it turns out to be a more severe condition, such as canine diabetes, heart problems, or lung illness, your pet may require a longer-term treatment plan. 

If your vet believes that poor nutrition is to blame, or if your dog has been diagnosed with pancreatitis or IBS, switching your dog to a low-processed, nutritious diet like Pure Pet meals might make a significant impact on your furry friend’s energy levels.

Pure is also ideal for older dogs who might need more than a bowl of dry cookies to eat since dogs can be more picky as people get old. The meal is particularly appropriate for dogs that need to look on their tail or have dental problems that might lead to lethargy.

Here are some of the reasons and treatments:


sick black puppy with an IV laying in a kennel


The parvovirus spreads by feces. Lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort are all symptoms of parvo. Treatment consists of intensive supportive care, which includes fluids, anti-nausea medicines, and antibiotics. 


Symptoms of distemper include fever, drowsiness, drainage from the eyes and nose, and coughing. It has the potential to induce neurological issues. The symptoms of distemper are diverse and vary from dog to dog. Antibiotics, fluids, and anticonvulsants may be used in treatment. 

 Kennel cough 

Kennel cough is an exceptionally infectious respiratory illness. The most noticeable symptom is a dry, loud cough. Dogs suffering from kennel cough may become sluggish and feverish. Cough suppressants, antibiotics, and bronchodilators may be used as treatments. 

 Heartworm disease 

Heartworm illness is caused by heartworms, which are spread through mosquito bites. Lethargy, sadness, fever, and weakness are among the symptoms of heartworm infection. The best strategy is to prevent the disease with oral or injectable medications. Existing illness needs a sequence of injections and medicines, as well as months of rigorous cage rest. 

 Heart disease

Beagle laying on a dog bed on hard wood floors

Cardiovascular disease Early symptoms of congestive heart failure in dogs include lethargy and a decreased tolerance for activity. Other symptoms such as loss of appetite, coughing, and fast breathing increase as the disease develops. Treatment is determined by how far the disease has progressed. It may consist of cardiac medication, diuretics, and dietary modifications. 

 Liver disease. 

The illness of liver Lethargy, loss of appetite, jaundice (yellow tinge to gums or whites of eyes), sadness, and abdominal bloating are all symptoms of liver illness in dogs. The treatment of liver illness is essential, and it may include medication, dietary modifications, or surgery. 

 Diabetes mellitus. 

Diabetes is a kind of diabetes. Diabetes symptoms include tiredness, increased thirst and urination, weight loss, and changes in appetite. Diabetes treatment necessitates insulin shots as well as dietary changes. 


Hypoglycemia This is hypoglycemia, which is the inverse of diabetes. It might weaken your dog and cause seizures. The cause of the hypoglycemia will determine the treatment. Short-term treatment may involve administering corn syrup or intravenous glucose. 

What is a Lethargic Dog’s Best Food?

Golden Retriever with a sage green wall in the background  eating food from a plastic bowl while laying on hard wood floors

The following are the best foods for lethargic dogs: 

Good Diet:

A healthy diet is essential for avoiding lethargy in dogs of all ages. The ideal dog food for lethargy should have high-quality protein and dietary fiber to give energy and complex carbs for slow-release energy.

If your dog is eating a suitable quantity of food for its size and age, and it has these essential components, they should have adequate energy for the whole day and feel energized enough to enjoy playing and going for walks. 

Diet Packed with Vitamins and Minerals:

However, if your dog is feeling ill or out of sorts, they may get drowsy. Many avoidable problems, such as obesity, may impair your dog’s capacity to move and deplete their energy levels, resulting in a negative attitude and reluctance to exercise.

Feeding your dog a well-balanced food high in vitamins and minerals can strengthen their immune system and ensure their body has all the nourishment it needs to be healthy and active. 

Happy and Active:

brittany spaniel laying in thick grass in a field

Pure creates various dishes that are all packed with healthy nourishment owing to gently air-dried, natural ingredients. Its nutritious, tasty meals will help your dog maintain a healthy weight, a robust immune system, and enough slow-releasing energy to keep them happy and active all day.

 Pure is also paw-positive in that it helps to prevent dehydration, which is another major cause of lethargy. If it’s a hot day or you’re concerned that your puppy is thirsty, add additional water to their Pure food to encourage them to eat and replenish their fluids.

Dry Food:

It’s also worth noting that some meals might promote lethargy in dogs. For example, if your dog has spurts of activity followed by periods of lethargy, it is most likely due to blood sugar increases.

Dry dog food can flood their system with glucose from the breakdown of simple carbohydrates and sugars, resulting in these activity highs and lows. Such highly processed meals frequently utilize low-quality components, such as protein meals and a lot of carbohydrates, which will not provide the ideal nutrition for your dog and, over time, can lead to a lack of energy and vitamin deficiencies. 

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