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Puppy Kong vs. Regular Kong

Dog running through field of grass with a red Kong in its mouth

Most habits of dogs can vary from one breed to another, but chewing is one thing that is expected from every canine. Therefore, it’s important to purchase appropriate chew toys for our pup to save our possessions from bite marks. KONG has revolutionized the field of dog toys as they offer several options and cater to all kinds of pups.

In this article, we have compared the Puppy Kong with Regular Kong. Keep reading to know which of these is more suitable for your canine companion.     

Puppy Kong

This dog toy from KONG is specifically designed for the chewing needs of a puppy. The natural rubber formula of the Puppy Kong is ideal for the baby teeth of a puppy. Other than providing mental enrichment, this customized product teaches appropriate chewing behavior to young canines.

The classic shape of KONG products gives them an unpredictable bounce which is perfect for a game of fetch. This dog toy can keep a puppy busy for several hours because it can be stuffed with treats. Likewise, a Puppy Kong can also be quite helpful for crate training your pup. Thanks to all these benefits, this outstanding product is recommended (for puppies) by many renowned veterinarians.   

Regular Kong

Kong Classic in on a store shelf in original packaging

Also known as the Classic Kong, this product is regarded as the gold standard of dog toys. This popular toy is found in almost every household that has a dog as a pet. This is why Regular Kong is bossing the market for more than 40 years now. It offers mental enrichment to dogs of all sizes by satisfying their instinct of chewing.

In addition to that, Regular Kong can also be used for playing. The erratic bounce of its ultra-durable rubber makes it an exciting playtime tool for any canine. Just like the Puppy Kong, we can stuff it with snacks and kibble to keep our dogs occupied.

Differences Between Puppy Kong and Regular Kong

2 chocolate labs laying in grass outdoors chewing Kongs

Although both these products are developed as chew toys, they do have the following differences.

Rubber Strength – Puppy Kong is made from a soft rubber formula while the Regular Kong has a relatively hard rubber.

Color – Puppy Kong comes in two colors (Pink and Blue) whereas the Regular Kong only comes in red.

Design – Regular Kong is designed to meet the chewing requirements of most dogs. In contrast to that, Puppy Kong is customized to teach appropriate chewing behavior to puppies.

Similarities Between Puppy Kong and Regular Kong

Black and brown dog with a red Kong in its mouth walking in a park

Some of the features that are common in Puppy Kong and Regular Kong are as follows.

Material – Both of these products are made from natural rubber and are recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide.

Mental Enrichment – Puppy Kong and Regular Kong offer mental enrichment to dogs because they satisfy the instinctual needs of canines.

Excellent for Playing Fetch – Thanks to their unpredictable bounce and erratic movement, both these products from KONG are ideal for playing fetch.

Stuffable Dog Toy – Both these products can be stuffed with kibble, treats, or snacks and can keep a pup busy for several hours.

What’s Better About Puppy Kong?

White dog in park playing with a Kong

The following are some of the salient features of the Puppy Kong that make it an excellent toy for puppies.

  • Puppy Kong is made from natural rubber and is completely safe for pets.
  • The soft rubber formula of Puppy Kong is customized to fulfill the chewing needs of puppies.
  • Puppy Kong relieves the irritation faced by teething dogs.
  • Puppy Kong teaches appropriate chewing behavior to young canines.
  • This dog toy can also be used for playing fetch because of its irregular bounce.
  • Puppy Kong can keep a pup occupied for hours by offering the required levels of mental enrichment.
  • Puppy Kong helps in crate training because it can be easily stuffed with dog treats and snacks.  

What’s Better About Regular Kong?

Brown and white dog in park playing with Kong

The key characteristics of the Classic Kong that have made it a huge hit in the market are listed below.

  • Regular Kong is made from an eco-friendly natural rubber and is recommended by vets and trainers.
  • The ultra-durable rubber formula of Regular Kong is suitable for average chewers of all sizes.
  • Regular Kong is an excellent fetch toy for a puppy due to its unpredictable bounce and movement.
  • Being a stuffable toy, the Regular Kong can be used to feed your pup while you are away.
  • Classic Kong is ideal for satisfying a dog’s instinctual needs and providing mental stimulation.  
  • Regular Kong can also help in solving numerous problems, such as chewing, boredom, barking, and separation anxiety. 

Puppy Kong vs. Regular Kong: Which One is More Suitable?

White dog with mouth open reaching for black Kong

The selection of the right KONG product can become quite tricky for many dog owners. This is because they produce a variety of amazing dog toys and the needs of every canine are different. Therefore, we often have to adopt a trial-and-error technique to find the most suitable KONG toy. However, the following guidelines can be used while choosing the chew toy for our pup.

  • Puppy Kong is designed specifically for younger canines and is much softer than the Regular Kong. It is quite suitable for those pups who don’t have the jaw strength of an adult dog.
  • However, if we are planning to adopt a breed that is known to be an aggressive chewer, you may need a  Classic Kong for your puppy.
  • Regular Kong is made with an ultra-durable material that works well with most adult dogs. If we own an aggressive chewer of a large dog breed, he/she may succeed in damaging this product. In that case, we may have to go for the Extreme Kong.  

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