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When can a Labrador Puppy Climb Stairs?

Golden retriever watching puppy climb stairs with head tilted

Labrador puppies should start to climb stairs after the age of 12 months. However, you must accompany them (while climbing) at this stage because they are still weak. Climbing stairs on their own may result in serious injuries to their hip bone and other body parts. Dogs with genetic dispositions can also develop hip dysplasia if proper precautions are not ensured. Keep reading to know when a Labrador puppy calms down and it’s safe for him/her to climb stairs.

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When Do Labrador Puppies Calm Down?

Generally, 5 to 8-month-old puppies get overexcited and hyper. Due to this, they develop a great level of bounciness and mischievous habits. It is quite commonly seen that the smaller breeds mature more quickly than the big dogs. They get pretty sensible at the age of 9 months old or so.

Large dogs, like Labs, mature slowly and more effort is needed to calm them mentally and physically. High levels of activity will also keep your puppy fit and healthier. Labradors start to calm down around their first birthday. You can also help your pooch by using some effective dog handling techniques.

For example, taking control of the pup, avoiding physical play, and creating a distraction by providing activities are some of the most common methods to deal with hyper or over-excited dogs. Other than that, calming music and medications are also quite popular. Once a Labrador puppy is calm, it becomes easier to train him/her for stair climbing (without getting injured).

When Can Stairs Be Bad For Dogs?

Yellow lab puppy going down stairs

Stairs can be dangerous for dogs when you are not supervising them during the learning phase. This can happen when you don’t have much time for them. In this case, it is better to not allow your dog to climb stairs.

Invisibility and untidy stairs are other common reasons which make stairs dangerous for your dog. Climbing stairs in the dark can also result in severe injuries to your dog. Similarly, stairs that have water on them can also make your dog fall.

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When Can Labrador Puppy Be Outside?

Yellow lab puppy running outdoors in grass

Labradors are always keen to explore and learn new things from a very young age. Going out is the basic need for Labradors because of their higher energy levels. It can also help them in quick learning, socializing, and training. They begin to go out in your backyard for potty training, exercise, playing, and learning at the age of 8 weeks.

However, it is better to avoid public places with untidy stairs to protect them from potential injuries and infections. Labrador puppies love to be around stairs and it can be a great sleeping spot for them. Therefore, you should only allow your dog to sleep outside (on stairs) when he/she is at least 4-6 months old. Other than injuries, young pups can’t control their body temperature and can get more diseases and parasites.

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When Do Labrador Puppies Lose Their Teeth?

Person looking at the teeth of a yellow lab

Just as humans, pups also have milk teeth and they will lose them as they transition to adulthood. They start to lose their milk teeth from the age of 12 weeks. At the same time, the permanent teeth start popping up and at the age of 6-8 months, permanent teeth take over all the milk teeth.

Labrador puppies have 28 baby teeth or milk teeth which they will lose when they become mature (around 20-30 weeks old). They have a total of 42 permanent teeth that they will lose when they get old or have any medical emergencies.

Falling from the stairs is one of the main reasons why dogs lose their permanent teeth. Labs love to climb stairs even at an early age and owners must take proper precautions to keep them safe. Otherwise, there are vulnerable to hard falls and might lose their permanent teeth.

How to Make Stairs Safe for Labrador Puppies?

Set of stairs with honey colored wood trim and a fern plant to one side

Some safety precautions make stairs safe for puppies. All you have to do is to follow these safety tips for your Labrador puppy while training him/her to climb stairs.

Proper Supervision

It is recommended that the dog owners should give proper time to their Labrador puppies and keep an eye on them when they are learning to climb stairs. In this way, your dog will remain safe and learn to climb stairs more efficiently and effectively.

Improve Visibility

Stairs lined with LED lights to brighten the treads

Installing lights around the stairs and turning them on especially when there is dark around them. This will improve visibility and help your pup to climb up the stairs quite easily.

Keep the Stairs Clean

Just like a human baby, a pup also requires a similar kind of care. This means keeping your house and its stairs clean will offer them no falling especially when they are learning to climb stairs.

Adding Grip to the Stair’s Surface

top to bottom view of a runner carpet in the center of a flight of stairs

If the surface of your stairs seems to be slippery and there are chances of your Labrador puppy falling, then you should build up some grip on the surface. You can use pieces of rubber carpet and place them on the stairs as it will increase the resistance level.

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