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9 Nifty Dog Walker Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Jack Russell Terrier

Tis the season to be jolly and fork out some cash for those you care about. One of those things is to figure out good dog walker gifts for Christmas. Your dog walker deserves to see how much you appreciate them and fortunately we have the internet to help us decide what kind of gifts to give the people who care for our dogs when we can’t.

So, I got on the internet in search of some gifts and was surprised with what was being suggested for dog walkers. And I will even post links to where you can find them, but I encourage you to scroll down past this first list so that you may find a gift your dog walker will love.

Stuff I’ve Seen Recommend for Dog Walkers (Terrible Ideas)

Three Way Dog Leash And Collapsible Travel Bowl (found on Amazon) for $11.99

Dog Walk Waist Fanny Pack (found on Amazon) $21.95

Ouge Dog Poop Bags (found on Amazon) $14.44

Now, I could go on and on showing you gifts that are being recommended, but if you are like me, you noticed a common theme there. What was it?

Answer: The gifts were more for taking care of your dog than they were for the dog walker. Sure, they might like one of them. They might even smile and tell you how wonderful it is. However, I know I wouldn’t appreciate receiving a gift that helps me take care of someone else’s dog. So, let’s not do that.

Much, Much Better Dog Walker Gift Ideas

The idea is to give them something to show your appreciation for what they do. Let’s get something just for them.

The first gift might not be a great idea because women are hard to buy jewelry for unless it’s expensive and or from someone special. Also, you might not want to might not want to give a dog walker this because they are going to feel obliged to wear it when they see you, even if the don’t really like it. But if you are sure they have a habit of wearing items with dogs on it, then this might be the perfect gift.

Dog Themed Jewelry

Dog paw necklaces like this one found on Amazon $14.80. Beautiful and classy.

925 Sterling Silver Puppy Dog Animal Charms Bead Fit Pandora Bracelets that you can find on Amazon

These are only $16.99 and Pandora Bracelets gives you a large variety of bracelet beads to choose from.

Foot Massager

Now, dog walking can be a hard job at times. They are out there for quite a while making sure that your dog gets the exercise it requires. Having more energetic breeds like Boxers, Labradors or Jack Russel Terriers that require a lot of mileage can be pretty hard on the feet, so…

What better way to tell show them your appreciation then to give them something for when their ‘dogs are barking’ than a foot massager? (sorry for the pun) Here are two very great ones.

Gideon Shiatsu Foot Massager with Infrared Heat (you can find it on Amazon)  only $24.95

Or you can go a little more expensive and get the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Heated Foot and Back Massager (also available on Amazon) for $34.95


It takes a lot of energy to get up in the morning and control a pack of dogs. You gotta be mindful of every one of them. So, what better Christmas gift for those cold, early mornings than a bag of Morning Walk Breakfast Blend coffee from Grounds and Hounds for only $14.95? Delicious coffee with notes of sweet cherry, caramel, cocoa and toasted nuts from start to finish to get them ready to go is something that any coffee drinker will love. And you’ll love it to because 20% of all profits are given to dog rescue organizations. Now, who would not love that?

Grounds and Hounds coffee Three Blend Starter Kit
Three Blend Starter Kit

A little pricier, but well worth it is the Three Blend Starter Kit which has three types of coffee. All three have different tastes which any coffee lover will love.

1. Morning Walk Breakfast Blend (full body, notes of citrus, cherry, cocoa and toasted nuts)

2. Papers & Slippers Medium Roast (starts off with notes of brownie and toasted nuts and ends with blackberry and blueberry)

3. Alpha Blend Dark Roast (bold, starting off with notes of cocoa, vanilla, nutmeg and ending with silky full body)

And for those Decaf lovers, you can give them Hush Puppy Dark Roast Decaf, also $14.95.  This dark roast has notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, brownie, graham crackers and toasted walnuts from the first to the last sip. Now, that is Christmas!

Mugs and Travel Cups

While drinking that coffee, how about a mug that you can customize and put their name on? Yeah, sure. You can do that and even decide the color for only $15.00 at Etsy. This way, they know you are thinking about them every time they pick up this mug. And the mugs come with a hilarious message of dedication to your dog walker from your dog that is sure to get a laugh.

Dog Walker Mug that says "Dear (Custom Name), Your are the most awesome dog walker ever! If I had a different walker, I would pee on her leg and run to you. Love (Dog's Name)
Dog Walker Mug

Here is another great idea for a Christmas gift that makes sure they know they are the best in the biz. Tell them they are the World’s Best Dog Walker in cup form for $12.95 from Amazon or in mug form for $9.95 also from Amazon.


Professional Dog Walker Cute Dog Walking Hoodie
Professional Dog Walker Cute Dog Walking Hoodie

Now, this might be the best present of all and if you’re lucky, your dog walker might give you a discount in the future. The Professional Dog Walker Hoodie from Amazon for $32.99 is a great gift. People will see they’re a professional dog walker, and might hire them. Think it’s silly? Well, maybe not. Here is a story about a dog walker who retired after making $1,000,000, dog walking only three days a week, wearing a shirt advertising her dog walking business.

Quirky Bookends

Although this gift is a little pricey, it is still is a great Christmas gift especially if your dog walker loves to read. These six inch Bronze finish Design Toscano British Decor Bulldog Mascot Bookend Statues for $67.95 will look great on any book shelf and they’ll show how much you pay attention to their interests and appreciate them.

Yummy Gift Baskets

I’m a huge fan of Harry and David and highly recommend them for your holiday shopping. They have some of the greatest seasonal gift baskets with prices ranging from normal to ridiculously expensive, but, you do get what you pay for with them. Therefore, if you want to splurge, they will not disappoint. Their soup basket for only $39.99 would be the perfect gift for your dog walker.

 Harry and David  Soup Basket
Harry and David Soup Basket

They’ll have a choice between chicken noodle, chicken chili, potato corn chowder with olive oil and sea saltwater crackers to warm them up after a long walk with the dogs. You’ll even get 15% your purchase by shopping today and activating your discount.

Now, these are all good gifts that you can give your dog walker, but there is no guarantee they’ll like them. Right? Okay, so hold on.

Gift Cards

The last two gift ideas are sure-fire ones you can give that almost anyone will appreciate. Why? Because even though it’s “the thought that counts,” people think differently and have different tastes. So, I highly recommend taking the aggravation out of shopping for someone unless you know exactly what they want and giving them Amazon Gift Cards. They offer Gift Cards for more than 50 Top Brands like;

Apple gift card (available on Amazon)

Best Buy gift card (Available from Amazon)

L.L. Bean gift card (Available on Amazon)

Nike gift card (available on Amazon)

Starbucks gift card (available on Amazon)


 Now the last and best gift of all, ‘if done right,’ will show your dog walker that you appreciate them greatly and want them to have a Merry Christmas. And it is just four letters. C-A-S-H! But not so fast. Remember, that I just said, ‘if done right.’

The Bottom Line On Getting a Holiday Gift for a Dog Walker

The good thing about giving gifts is that we believe it is the thought that counts, right? Well, sometimes when we give gifts, the price of the gift is a mystery to the receiver. Therefore, if you give something that didn’t cost much but they like it, then both sides are happy. But if we give them a little money, instead of a gift, you may insult them. My general rule is nothing under $50 cash or you buy a gift. Either one will be fine.

Please keep in mind that we may receive a small commission when you click our links and make purchases and as an Amazon Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.